Obama makes his own reality

2014_03 Obama promises Ukraine

Elliot Abrams dissects Obama’s responses to Jeffrey Goldberg on Sunday, concluding that Obama has learned nothing in the five years since he said of his own nomination that “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

In short … Obama believes that whatever Obama believes must be so.

Obama’s “policy of passivity in Syria has produced nearly the worst of all possible worlds: 150,000 dead, 6 million homeless, and a menacing gathering of perhaps 25,000 jihadists at the heart of the Middle East.” But in his mind, he’s done the best possible job and anyone who thinks otherwise (including his own Secretaries of State) are just uniformed, wrong or just stupid.

What he had to say about Israel is equally appalling. In short, Israel is uninformed, wrong or just stupid. Obama knows what’s best and Netanyahu better just wise up and get with the Obama program. Or else.

What he had to say about Iran is, if anything, even more horrific. The Iranian leadership has not stopped taking Obama seriously. What a silly idea! As for those Sunnis, well they’re not nervous about Obama. They’re nervous about change. Cuz “change is always scary.” He really said that.

Sarah Palin said, “I find this stunning – scary, sad, and stunning. On the eve of Netanyahu’s visit, President Obama announces to the world that he shall tell Israel’s prime minister what to do; he’ll lay blame for regional unrest on Israel and command they adopt an Obama-sanctioned “peace plan” that requires Israel to concede even more land and authority. Truly stunning.”


If He Believes It, It Must Be So, by Elliot Abrams – Mar 3, 2014


Goldberg interview – Mar 2, 2014


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