Common Core: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Common Core math

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  • Remember the whole language approach of the 80’s? The result is a generation that can’t spell. I wonder what educational deficit this generation will have.
  • As a mechanical engineering student, I have taken college calculus up to level 3, and I will be taking differential equations next semester, as well as being very versed in university physics both static and dynamic, and Engineering Thermodynamics. And this might be one of the goofiest and most pointless methods I’ve ever seen.
  • Everyone is complaining about Common Core. Please help us (teachers & parents) do something about it. Call your school board members & politicians. Tell them it isn’t working!
  • Around the corner, up the hill, climb a tree, skip rope, eat ice cream, swim in the fountain…………equals 20.
  • The answer is clearly ‘purple’. There….I win at math.



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  1. Ting

    I haven’t spent much time trying to figure out what they are doing here, but as a former math teacher I shouldn’t have to!