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Capturing The Moment

TIME’s Michael Crowley @CrowleyTIME tweeted this photo and set off a libtard melt-down.

2014_03 01 TIME journo tweet - capture the moment

Obama’s Pod Sheeple responded with the usual classy commentary like “STFU” and “Putin is a power hungry bigot and he can’t touch our President’s shine.You value the wrong shit.”

And, of course, the expectable RAAACISM! My personal favorite was “I keep telling y’all White folks are all fucked up in the head because there’s a Black man in the WH taking care of business.”

Dude, really. What we’re upset about is that he’s NOT TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS! Sheesh. Get. A. Clue.

Twitchy contributions:

  • Not a cult. Not a cult. Not a cult. Not a cult. Not a cult. Not a cult. Not a cult. Not a cult. Not a cult. Not a cult. Not a cult. Not a cult.
  • It’s a cult.
  • TIME journo puts picture of Putin next to Obama, and libs respond with calling him right-wing? Sorry libs, but TIME is your rag, not ours.
  • And libs were just kissing Putin’s ass during the Winter Olympics. But NOW, when Putin is making Obama look like a chump (again), now they want to hate Putin?
  • “No, don’t go too fast. I’m scared, Vlad dear. Ooh you’re sooo strong.”

2014_03 Putin Obama photoshop



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Factivism: The latest incarnation of the Obamacrats’ Tattle Team

2014_03 01 Factivists

A Brief History of Tattle Team-age

2008: Team Obamacrat set up a website called Fight the Smears, where Obamacrat Pod Sheeple could report Republican Lies.

2009: Team Obamacrat set up an email called flag@whitehouse.gov, where Obamacrat Pod Sheeple could report Republican Lies.

2011: Team Obamacrat created Attack Watch, where Obamacrat Pod Sheeple could report Republican Lies.

2012: Team Obamacrat launched The Obama for America Truth Team, where Obamacrat Pod Sheeple could report Republican Lies.

2013: Team Obamacrat created a website for The Organizing for Action Truth Team, where Obamacrat Pod Sheeple could report Republican Lies.

2014: Team Obamacrat created an entirely new, totally improved Tattle Team for Fracktivists, where Obamacrat Pod Sheeple can report Republican Lies.

But hey … Good News! Fracktivists is TOTES different from all those previous efforts. It not only has its own website; it’s got a Twitter hashtag! Aaaaannd there is a REAL YouTube video with a REAL Democrat Leader explaining how fab it would be if you joined up with other truth-telling, grassrootsy Democrats to fight the evil lying liars in the GOP.

Because nothing says, “We’re the Party of Truth Tellers” like having your leader win the 2013 Liar of the Year award from a Left-wing publication that five years earlier rated that exact same statement a Really True Fact, no less.

Here are my faves from Twitchy’s report:

  • Hahahaha! No seriously, Bwahahahaha!
  • “All #obamacare horror stories are untrue” #PickinOnOrdinaryCitizens
  • Would this be the same ‘truth’ as ‘when Ronald Reagan was in Congress’?
  • ‘Factivist’ sounds awfully close to ‘Fascist’. Just saying.
  • If GOP did this to counter George Soros and Big Unions, Lefties would FLIP.
  • Here’s a FACT for you: The Koch Brothers rank 59th in federal election spending.

1989-2014 TOP donors to Democrats



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Obama illegally canceled a law and this guy is suing him for it

2014_02 27 Kawa suing Obama

Dr. Larry Kawa, an orthodontist from Boca Raton, Florida, spent $5,000 in legal fees last year to ensure that his business was in compliance with the law’s requirement that employers with 50 or more employees provide insurance to those employees after December 31, 2013.

Obama then pushed the deadline back by two years, a move which Kawa claims was politically motivated and, more importantly, illegal. However, Kawa says he doesn’t want the government to reimburse him. Instead, he wants the court to nullify Obama’s “government of one” executive orders.



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Case closed: Obama is NOT in charge.

2014_03 01 Obama skips national security mtg



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The Best Neighbor

Tissue alert. Fred Rogers received a Lifetime Achievement Award during the 1997 Daytime Emmys. Instead of making the speech about himself and his accomplishments, Mr. Rogers says something incredibly heartwarming that cements him as one of the best neighbors ever.

FYI: Tim Robbins is 6′ 5″ tall.

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