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This is also my anniversary. I won’t say how long DW and I have been married, but Moses was my best man and I borrowed ten bucks from Jesus for the license.

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For today,I thought I’d equate liberals with the seven deadly sins.

(an original thought….who knew?)

1. Pride: equate with arrogance. The attitude that they’re morally and intellectually superior and have the right to tell us what we must do because it’s for our own good.

2. Envy: the very essence of income inequality. Wanting what other people have worked for without any sacrifice on your part.

3. Gluttony: There are almost 100 million on food stamps. So why are so many welfare parasites so fat??

4. Lust: The incestuous relationship between liberal politicians and media hacks are well documented. All I can say is: Bill Clinton. I rest my case.

5. Anger: It’s their principle tactic and the only way they can keep the ignorant motivated to get off their lazy behinds and vote for the party that’s kept them down for 50 years. An unhappiness that comes from no relationship with God and no capacity for compassion. From 2009 to 2011 they ran the entire government and were still unhappy.

6. Greed: Those who spend other peoples’ hard-earned money freely,will not part with their own. Democrats give almost nothing to charity of their own volition.

7. Sloth: Liberals have created a culture which has seen generations of families living entirely on the government dole with no desire whatever to do anything for themselves. They have willingly traded their self-respect and dignity for a paltry existence thanks to other peoples’ labor.

Rats leaving a sinking ship. In this photo of Bozo signing Deathcare,seven of the liberls pictured have retired: Tom Harkin,Chris Dodd,John Dingell,Patches Kennedy,George Miller,Henry ‘the schnoz’ Waxman and Max Baucus,who was rewarded with an ambassadorship to China.

Just like a liberal who is pretty damn brave when everything is going their way,but when they are facing defeat they show their heels.


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Obama built this

2009 to 2014 GALLUP Respect by world leaders for Obama poll

Ronald Reagan always thought that it was better for the US to be feared rather than liked. At this point in his presidency, Obama has made the US neither. IMHO, he’s doing precisely what he was put in the White House to do.



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Movie recommend: Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Paradise

Uplifting and well made story about an unconventional lady minister and her congregation. I cried happy tears at the end. There is no language, violence, sex, politics or bad acting.


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From Rice to Power … God help us

Obama’s former Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, unapologetically and repeatedly lied her ass off about Benghazi. She’s moved on to other Leftist pastures, no doubt as a reward for her loyalty to Teh Won, who has appointed an even more unabashed Leftie extremist to the post.

2013_08 Samantha Power Leftist all the way

Meet Samantha Power

Power has praised Obama’s willingness to meet with enemies without preconditions, has said the U.S. should stop giving money to Israel and instead give it to Palestinians and approved of Obama’s apology tour:

“A country has to look back before it can move forward,” she said. “Instituting a doctrine of the mea culpa would enhance our credibility by showing that American decision-makers do not endorse the sins of their predecessors.”

2014_02 23 Amb Power blames Pearl

Outrage ensued.

  • @AmbassadorPower Reconciliation? With people who cut his head off because he’s Jewish and American? They referred to him as “the Jew”.
  • @AmbassadorPower How, precisely, does one reconcile with medieval savages who traffic in videotaped decapitation porn?
  • @AmbassadorPower Maybe Pearl should have been less Jewish in front of those who are offended to the point of murder over such a thing.

Some attempted to explain Power’s remark was out of context. She was really praising Pearl’s parents for how they behaved after their son was murdered. Oh.

2014_02 24 Amb Power doubles down on stupid or evil

BEST TWEET: Demonstrable incompetency on display. Keep digging, you’ll hit bottom eventually.


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ObamaCare’s Big Success Stories

I think we need to stop talking about how Obamacare is not working and look at how it is working. Obamacrats pushed it through; Obamcrats keep defending it. Clearly, as far as THEY are concerned, it is doing exactly what it was intended to do.

So what is that exactly?

OBAMACARE Govt power

  • Government money grab.
  • Government power grab.
  • Loss of individual privacy.
  • Loss of religious freedom.

And eugenics.

OBAMACARE Old people waiting to die

  • Obama is planning to stop providing the elderly with antidepressants, antipsychotics and the immunosuppressant drugs required by transplant patients.
  • Obama has already mandated via regulation the end-of-life counseling that was pointedly removed from the ACA law itself.

In other words, “Sorry but no, you can’t have the pills that helped you function any more. But hey, if you’re real depressed about that, here’s a pamphlet about our free euthanasia program.”


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