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Brazile encourages dictatorship, plays hate card – UPDATED

2014_02 17 Brazile tweets encouragement

Will Presidents Day 2015 be when we all line up to take our Oath of Loyalty to President for Life Obama?

Various Tweeters (VT) engaged Donna Brazile (DB) in an interesting discussion:

  • DB – @BarackObama. Enjoy #PresidentsDay. With Congress on recess, this is action day! Let’s move America forward.
  • VT – @donnabrazile Well, I guess it’s good news that the pretense is over.
  • DB – President Obama is not going to be able to get this Congress to do things, but then nobody can get this Congress to do anything.
  • VT – @donnabrazile That full Democrat Congress in 2009?
  • DB – Even during Obama’s first term, Mitch McConnell said that thwarting him was their biggest political priority. #PresidentsDay of action.
  • VT – @donnabrazile you tweet as if no one remembers the Bush years or no on can use google to refute your ridiculous assertions
  • DB – This Congress had duck on the menu from the very beginning.
  • VT – @donnabrazile America, in 2012, voted for gridlock. If voters wanted Obama to have a blank check, they’d have given Dems back the House.
  • DB – Hateful tweets, incivility, rudeness or simple name calling will never get America moving forward. Hate is not a winning political strategy.
  • VT – @donnabrazile This level of sycophancy for the President is really disturbing.
  • DB – “This level of sycophancy for the President is really disturbing.” Par for the course.
  • VT – @donnabrazile Pointing out a disturbingly anti-democratic tweet is not “hate,” Donna. Try being an adult; it’s not as scary as it sounds.
  • DB – Here’s 1 more: some folks have tried to make President Obama a lame duck since his 1st inauguration. He hasn’t quacked yet.
  • VT – @donnabrazile So basically you’re saying he’s a failure of a leader? I agree.True leaders, rise above and accomplish great things.Not Obama

Comments at Twitchy:

  • Liberal rule #3, when logic and reason show your position as weak and indefensible, shut down the debate by playing the hate card.
  • “Hate is not a winning political strategy.” . . . how about ‘revenge’ – or ‘payback’?
  • Scratch a lefty and find a totalitarian. But call them on it and they whine about civility.

In 2003, Hillary Clinton screeched, “I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you’re not patriotic. We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration.”

Just saw this on Angelaisms twitter feed and had to add it here:


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For Presidents Day, you get a new word

George Washington wore a CAPOTE.


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To behave faithfully is within our power

Archbishop Chaput on faith and politics

If you wish, you can keep the commandments,

to behave faithfully is within your power.

He never commanded anyone to be godless,

he has given no one permission to sin.

Ecclesiasticus 15:16,21

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Hillary IS the war on women

There are audio files of a recent radio interview with Kathleen Willey, who was sexually assaulted by President Clinton and then targeted for destruction by the Clinton machine.

One thing jumps out at me from my own experiences. I attended a weekend retreat for survivors of ministerial sexual abuse, which is similar to what Clinton did in that the power differential between the predator and prey is SO great.

We were a mixed group, which the presenter said was normal. Catholics have no corner on sexual abuse. They just have a big, easily identifiable organization for lawsuits and a Leftie media that loves to blat about anything that makes Catholics look bad.

We raised our hands by denomination at the beginning and it was very close to the national breakdown percentages. We were all adult females, but one of our number had been sexually abused by a female minister. So really … a mixed group.

Everyone’s stories were heartbreaking and one woman never did tell her story because she cried the entire weekend. My story is pretty shocking, but one woman’s story floored me. She was the wife of a minister who was assaulted in her hospital bed by a colleague of her husband!

What Kathleen Willey says is really similar. She was distraught and went to a man she considered a friend for advice and he sexually assaulted her. It’s hard to wrap your head around the idea that some men are turned on by women who are in a particularly weak and vulnerable place in their lives.



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