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The false Koch meme

Lefties rant and spew about how the eeeeeevil Koch brothers allegedly buy elections for Republicans and MUST BE STOPPED.

Left's obsession with Boogeyman Koch Brothers

One might suppose from the fact that Democrats have dominated the federal political scene since January 2007 that the Koch brothers are rather ineffective morons. But that’s neither here nor there, since Open Secrets has compiled a list of actual Big Bucks Donors.

The Koch brothers are waaaaay down at #59. And six of the top ten are UNIONS that donated to Democrats 15 times what the Koch brothers donated to Republicans.

Facts can be so messy. This is no doubt why the Left avoids them as much as possible.

Who is buying US elections


Full list of donors @ http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/list.php. N.b., All donors listed at Open Secrets are linked to pages that describe the nature of the group. I compiled a simplified version of the Open Secrets list using this methodology:

  • I ignored all donations less than 70% to a single party.
  • I rounded the total up or down, then multiplied by the >70% figure given and rounded the answer.
  • I ignored minority donations (less than 30%) for simplicity’s sake.

The breakdown I made of the TOP 100 DONOR TOTALS for the past 15 years that I used in my graphic:

$605 Million donated to Democrats by UNIONS and TRADE ASSOCIATIONS that gave 70% or more of total donations to ONE party.

  • $49 Million : American Fedn of State, County & Municipal Employees
  • $40 Million : Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  • $33 Million : National Education Assn
  • $33 Million : American Federation of Teachers
  • $32 Million : Service Employees International Union
  • $32 Million : Laborers Union
  • $32 Million : Teamsters Union
  • $31 Million : Communications Workers of America
  • $30 Million : United Auto Workers
  • $30 Million : Machinists & Aerospace Workers Union
  • $29 Million : Carpenter &Joiners Union
  • $29 Million : United Food & Commercial Workers Union
  • $22 Million : National Assn of Letter Carriers
  • $21 Million : Sheet Metal Workers Union
  • $20 Million : Plumbers & Pipefitters Union
  • $19 Million : Operating Engineers Union
  • $18 Million : International Assn of Fire Fighters
  • $17 Million : Air Line Pilots Assn
  • $16 Million : Ironworkers Union
  • $16 Million : United Steelworkers
  • $15 Million : American Postal Workers Union
  • $15 Million : United Transportation Union
  • $14 Million : American Assn for Justice (Defense attorneys)
  • $12 Million : National Air Traffic Controllers Assn

$157 Million donated to Democrats by CORPORATIONS, PACS and one PUBLIC UNIVERSITY that gave 70% or more of total donations to ONE party.

  • $97 Million : ActBlue (Bundler of on-line donations to Democrats)
  • $30 Million : EMILY’s List (Pro-Abortion)
  • $17 Million : Time Warner
  • $13 Million : University of California

$25 Million donated to Republicans by UNIONS and TRADE ASSOCIATIONS that gave 70% or more of total donations to ONE party.

  • $14 Million : Associated Builders & Contractors
  • $11 Million : National Restaurant Assn

$123 Million donated to Republicans by CORPORATIONS and PACs that gave 70% or more of total donations to ONE party.

  • $17 Million : Altria Group (Philip Morris)
  • $16 Million : Koch Industries
  • $16 Million : National Rifle Assn
  • $16 Million : Club for Growth (Fiscal conservatives)
  • $14 Million : Union Pacific Corp
  • $13 Million : Exxon Mobil
  • $12 Million : Reynolds American
  • $10 Million : American Financial Group (Carl H. Lindner)
  • $ 9 Million : Southern Co (Utility)

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A brief history of the Bible in English

English Bible translations

The Latin Vulgate is a late 4th-century Latin translation of the Bible. For over a thousand years (c. AD 400–1530), the Vulgate was the definitive edition of the Bible in Western European society.


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Posted by Pistol Pete

DW just left to take our little angels(?) home, so I thought I’d do a quickie in case anybody wanders by.

Had our taxes done yesterday. In 47 years of filing returns it’s the first year I’ve had to pay in because of the ‘self-employment’ tax since I deliver a few papers. Now I know what homosexuals feel like the first time.

I got home and a car had destroyed our mailbox post and ended up in a big snowbank on the other side of the street. It was a Hispanic kid. I asked him if he did it.

Yes,I’m sorry.

What’s your name?

He told me.

Let me see your license.

I no have license with me…it’s at home.

You’re driving without a license?

He said it was at home.

Do you have insurance?

Is my father’s car…insurance in car.

Let me see.

No no no.

I’m calling the police.

With that he took off down the street like his pantalones were ablaze.

I called 911 and about 20 minutes later two units showed up. My little amigo was in the back of one.

I gave them the information I had and the landlord’s contact info. I’d already called him and he said he’d be over this morning to put up a temporary mailbox until spring thaw. The landlord thanked me for getting involved.

I’m so sick of these cockroaches sneaking across the border, driving with no license or insurance, and when they get drunk and kill somebody they run back to Mexico. I’ve seen it happen more than once. It’s also a reason insurance rates are so high…uninsured driver coverage.

Enough….let’s have a little fun.

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O praise the Lord, all you nations!

You are loved by God

Psalm 116:1-2

O praise the Lord, all you nations,

acclaim him all you peoples!

Strong is his love for us;

he is faithful for ever.

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Whatevs … they’re both just musty old documents, right?

2014_02 13 VA Fed Judge misquotes Declaration of Inde



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So much ego, so few holidays

2014_02 12 So much ego

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