Left-wing hypocrisy: The child predator edition

As far as I can tell, there is only ONE real sin in the Leftie moral code … not being a Leftie. As long as you support abortion, bigger and bigger government, and keep shoveling big bucks into Democrat campaign coffers, the Democrat Media Machine will dismiss your silly little foibles with a wave of the hand and a cutesy excuse like “it wasn’t rape rape.”

Remember how they treated Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson for saying he believes the Bible teachings about sin? Check out two of the disgusting Hollyweird low-lifes they still SUPPORT …

Roman Polanski child rapist

Woody Allen child molester




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2 responses to “Left-wing hypocrisy: The child predator edition

  1. Right on all counts, Chrissy. This is one of those times there can’t be much doubt of the truth. In a just culture, Woody wouldn’t just have his career threatened, he’d have his life threatened. In Polanski’s case, death is too good for him, and yet Hollywood still protects his memory. Infuriating.


  2. Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock make stupid remarks about rape, and they lose elections they were favored to win. Whoopi Goldberg makes an even stupider remark about rape and…. nothing happens.