UN committee tells Pope, “Change Catholic doctrine.”

2014_01 31 UN tells RCC to CHANGE DOCTRINE

The Vatican told the UN in the nicest possible way to go suck an egg.

Meanwhile, President Obama showed himself to be right in line with the United Nation’s hypocritical agenda.

  • At the February 6, 2014 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, he praised freedom of religion and called “killing the innocent” the “ultimate betrayal.”
  • Then he went back to the White House to put some more time into praising Planned Parenthood and persecuting Catholics.



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13 responses to “UN committee tells Pope, “Change Catholic doctrine.”

  1. Violet

    Hmmm. Is the UN is also requesting Muslim clerics amend their doctrine so that women can be seen as real people with rights? No? Because it isn’t really about rights, is it? I hope The Pope gave this request the attention it deserved (right into the fireplace).


    • chrissythehyphenated

      The whole document was actually even more outrageous with crap about the Church backing off on it’s support for parental autonomy … i.e., in the name of “preventing child abuse”, the state should be able to just barge into anyone’s home and take kids out “for their safety”. Yeah, right. And the reasons would no doubt include things like teaching kids to pray, reading the Bible and other “abuse.”


    • Excellent point, Violet. Not a bad question. “Ummm. How about YOU guys change.”


      • chrissythehyphenated

        Dearest just got back from Mass. I asked what the homily was about and he said Deacon George rambled on and on about salt then made a push for everyone to sign some petition to get the state to fund yet another project or program or whatever the heck he and his Democrat buds think is too too fab.

        I’m so sick of him hijacking teaching time for Democrat initiatives. How’s about spooning out some biblical exegesis and Catholic doctrine and letting us decide how to translate that into action, hmm?

        Back when ZeroCare was not yet shoved down our throats, he put a snotty little piece into the bulletin about not being greedy. When some of us protested, he claimed he hadn’t meant to pick sides. But oh wait, he had said he supported the president’s initiative because he had been so grateful for Medicaid when his mom was dying. So yeah. Picking sides and doing that swell Democrat name-calling thing to boot.

        Nothing he said contained any actual Catholic teaching on economics or social justice or any of the myriad other things we could and should know before deciding something so huge. It was just, “Don’t be greedy. Vote Democrat.” ARGH!

        The best actual Catholic teaching I read was by Bishop Nickless and he came down very firmly on the side of NO to ObamaCare. I tried sending the article to the Deacon and our pro-O’care bishop and got back “pats on the head” replies that stank of “Sorry you’re so stupid.”

        On the plus side, the priest we have now is from Africa (going to Cornell) and he got up after Mass and made a strong statement about how today is World Marriage Sunday and the church teaches marriage is ONLY between one man and one woman.


  2. Pistol Pete

    Were I a parishioner I would ask the Deacon what he’s is doing in a church that condemns the liberal sacrament of abortion?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      These people give lip service to being anti-abortion. What they don’t do is lift a finger to stop it or the Obamacrats who benefit and fund it with taxpayer money. Our parish sent only one person on the bus to the March for Life – my husband.


      • Golly, Chrissy, I’m so sorry to read that. I’ve suffered through some more liberal communities, and even when I was, myself, a liberal, I could find them irritating. . .

        I’m fortunate to have found a vibrant community with a very strong pro-life group, and other “Small communities” that support their work (I myself have been getting involved with the Ladies of Charity, which among all their other work, helps support pro-life activities and efforts). The parish changed from Girl Scouts to American Heritage Girls, and has solid exegesis during the homilies (like, why are the “Lineage of Christ” readings important, which I’d never had “unpacked” before).

        This past weekend, part of the homily touched on this letter, I think. Pointing out that you are always hearing about how the Catholic Church needs to change it’s teachings, but never that Muslims or anyone else has to, and why might this be? He said he thought it a good thing, because it meant people were actually giving some thought to what the Church teaches, instead of just dismissing it as “irrellevant”. . .

        I’ll admit, the church I go to is not my geographically assigned “Home Parish”– I did a bit of “church shopping” before finding them. But they aren’t far– they’re the neighboring area just to the north. Clearly some others have, as well, as their pews are always packed. We’ll not even talk about the mayhem at Christmas and Easter . . . (the only way I’ve found to get a seat in the church, is to arrive at about 6:30 am for the 7:30 am Mass. . .)

        I’ll be praying for your parish–sounds like they need a renewal!


  3. I do not see any reason for the U.S. to remain in the UN for another second.