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The 2014 SO muCH fail olympIcs

SOCHI toilet rings

It probably depends who you are why you’d think that’s funny. There are those who refused to go because Russia has such a repressive government. Then there are those who had to go and are shocked and amazed that the Workers Paradise managed to do such a crap awful job getting ready.

Then there’s me who remembers how Mitt Romney took over SLC’s scandal- and debt-ridden Olympics preparation and brought the project in on time and under budget. After the way those JournoLefties treated him in 2012, it is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet to watch them getting a snoot-full of what Communism actually produces. KWIM?

A Reuter’s photographer found his assigned room was full of construction debris, with yellow-brown water and appliances that didn’t work. The next room they offered him had construction workers still sleeping in it. The third one … a stray dog. But, no worries. They are now rounding up and killing the numerous stray dogs.

2014 SOCHI Water in glasses

  • Tweet: My hotel has no water. If restored, the front desk says, “do not use on your face because it contains something very dangerous.”
  • Tweet: Sochi hotel room – no wifi, tv, heat, working lock on front door or shower curtain. BUT, I’ve been told I have one of the nicer rooms?

2014_02 01 SOCHI Man holes open

Three of the nine hotels were not completed on time and an estimated 97% of all the rooms are missing not just high tech amenities like wifi and TVs, but also necessities like HEAT.  Never mind the lamps, chairs, curtains and pillows that didn’t arrive.

The lack of shower curtains may not be such a biggie, seeing as there may be no water and if there is water, it may be dangerous or cold or both. You also aren’t supposed to flush toilet paper (if there is any) down the toilets. They provide little bins for it. I know this is not unusual in some places in the world. But this is the OLYMPICS.

One hotel worker who moved to Sochi two years ago to get the place ready told reporters it was largely the corruption and bureaucracy that delayed construction though the weather hadn’t helped. But folks … it’s the WINTER Olympics. Weather is part of what you plan for.

2014 SOCHI Ring doesn't open

  • Tweet: I guess one of the journalists stole that last ring to use for a lightbulb.
  • Tweet: Tomorrow there will be a Russian family with a missing engineer relative

2014 SOCHI Terrifying sickle in opening ceremony

  • Tweet: This is in no way terrifying.
  • Tweet: No hotels/infrastructure, but Russians did have time to complete a gigantic hammer & sickle for opening ceremonies.
  • Tweet: In their tour through the history of Russia, the organizers appear to have left out some parts, like the Stalin era.

2014 SOCHI giant Hammer

  • Tweet: Cheer for the hammer and sickle, then step over the dead dogs to get back to your hotel room where you can’t lock the door, can’t use what they’re calling ‘water’, can’t find a pillow, can’t get phone service ….

Do you suppose any of the JournoLefties who dumped on Mitt in 2012 are having any eye-opening, brain-busting “Ah Ha!” moments about the Communist Sochi Olympic FAIL vs. Romney’s Capitalist Salt Lake City Olympics SUCCESS? Hmmmmmmmm … I guess this would require JournoLefties to have brains, so maybe not.



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2014 SOCHI Absolut escorts

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More is not more

I’m told Ralph Lauren designed the Team USA outfits. He’s 75 now and these are beyond hideous, so maybe it was a great-grandchild with a big box of crayons who actually did the designs.

2014 SOCHI Hideous sweaters by Ralph Lauren

There are 3 elements in design: color, texture and pattern. Good design keeps one or two of these simple, while providing interest by varying one or two of the others.

Vary three out of three and you’ve just got an ugly mess.

COLOR: The red, white and blue color is one.

TEXTURE: The bulky knitting and heavy collar is two.

PATTERN: The busy stars, stripes and words is three.

These sweaters also violate the most basic rule of good clothing design, which is it should never draw attention to itself (or the designer, sheesh), but FLATTER the WEARER. Those way-too-many-stars drag your eyes DOWN to the athletes hips and buttocks, not UP to their faces. Compare how the Andorran sweaters beautifully frame the athlete’s FACES.

2014 SOCHI Andorran sweaters

I wish Ralph could have stopped committing design sins there, but he went ON and put his own logo prominently on the lapel (seriously?), then used smooth, machine-perfect embroidery for the USA Olympics part, then added clunky BLANKET STITCHED (with white no less) KNITTED flag patches on TOP of what are already bulky sweaters.

These sweaters remind me of the outfits my daughter used to create out of the dress up box when she was seven. Somewhere between the dress up box and becoming the stylist for Team USA, one should have learned that more is not more.


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Let His light so shine before men

It isn’t what we do so much as His light shining through us that draws others to God.

dandelion in sun

Jesus said, “You are the light of the world. A city set on a mountain cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and then put it under a bushel basket; it is set on a lampstand, where it gives light to all in the house. Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.” (Matthew 5:14-16 – Sermon on the Mount)

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