Who is this?

Question. Who is this?

After he was sworn in, he packed his administration with Marxists, nationalized health care, supported schemes to decrease the incomes of the successful while increasing minimum wage. Because of his policies, productivity decreased and the economy stagnated.

He used the media often to “dialogue with the people” and was popular mostly with the poor, low-income working class and students. Opposition came primarily from the middle class, which his government targeted for rough treatment.

His government cut off ties with allies and brought the nation to the brink of war.

Answer: See below.

Political philosophy made easy - You have two cows

This was Fidel Castro, who was elected Prime Minister of Cuba in 1959. Cuba had gained independence in 1902 and established a free Republic. Castro decided elections were for weenies and made Cuba in a single-party Communist nation which he ruled until 2008 when his brother took over.


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