Wave buh-bye to the nice Constitution, kids.

Charles Krauthammer

“Essentially, [President Obama] passed a law by executive order that the Congress had rejected – wouldn’t pass. That is unbelievably unconstitutional. It’s as if a Republican ran and said ‘I don’t like the capital gains tax.’ Congress rejects an abolition of that tax, and then he orders the IRS not to collect it. People would be up in arms and would be impeaching.”

2013_10 18 BHO No need for Congress

2014_01 BHO's 3 branches of government

Peggy Noonan

“These things have the effect of breaking bonds of trust between government and the people. They make citizens see Washington as an alien and hostile power. Washington sees the disaffection. They read the polls, they know. They call it rage. But it feels more like grief. Like the loss of something you never thought you’d lose, your sense of your country and your place in it, your rights in it.”

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