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No tax dollars for baby killers

I wrote to my congressman about H.R.7 and got this back: “I firmly believe that Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars should not be used to perform abortions. It is too much to ask of Americans who fundamentally disagree with the procedure.” Yay!

When I googled to make sure I had the bill number right, I saw this. We call ourselves “Pro-Life”, but the Slimestream Media has decided we don’t deserve to be respected with the name we prefer. I think we should play turn-about and call the NARAL crowd “Anti-Life.”

2014_01 28 I'm going to start using Anti-Life

N.b., that’s a qualified “Yay!” up there. If this goes to the Senate, Chuckie Schmucker and his toadie Kirsten will vote against it two times. So sigh. But at least I have one person representing my beliefs, which is one more than I had before we got redistricted.

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So much information,so little bandwidth.

Sadly,I’ll miss the State of the Coup show. There’s a new episode of Hardcore Pawn,a series about a Jewish guy and his two spoiled-rotten and exceedingly obnoxious kids who pawn mostly-stolen goods from the denizens of Detroilet for little or nothing and watch the hilarity when Obama voters go ballistic when they finds out them diamonds ain’t real or set to arguing with Les,the dad,which prompts the security dudes,all over 6’7″ and well over 300 lbs. escort them out. Sure,it’s all staged,but it’s no worse than the garbage those without cable will be forced to watch.

Added by CtH cuz they go good here:

2014_01 The REAL State of the Union

BHO and Race in one cartoon


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Worst argument for abortion EVER

The New York Times published a piece by a Notre Dame philosophy professor that calls on the pope to “liberalize” the church’s unequivocal opposition to abortion.

Before I parse his deeply flawed argument, let me just pause for a big WTF moment over a Notre Dame philosophy professor who doesn’t seem to have a clue that Catholic doctrines like “abortion is murder” are based on divine revelation, that God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and therefore doctrine is not subject to “liberalizing.”

Jeremiah 1-5 I knew you before

According to this man’s so-called reasoning, “an early-stage embryo may be biologically human but still lack the main features — consciousness, self-awareness, an interest in the future — that underlie most moral considerations. An organism may be human by purely biological criteria, but still merely potentially human in the full moral sense.”

Apparently, this “philosopher” is saying he believes it’s okay to kill little human beings as long as they’re less than eight weeks old. This would cover mini-dose birth control pills and IUDs (which allow conception, but prevent implantation), as well as the morning after pill (which also prevents implantation) and suction abortions up to 8 weeks gestation (when the embryo becomes a fetus). N.b., first trimester suction abortions are routinely done up to 12 weeks gestation (aka, 14 weeks pregnant).

Embryo becomes fetus

I get the “consciousness” or “self-awareness” thing, but not how he manages to differentiate embryos from fetuses.  Who the heck knows how “self-aware” an unborn baby is?! My gut tells me that the real reason he draws his line where he does is that he and his kind want to have sex without consequences, but are grossed out about killing anything that looks like a baby.

What this man sorely needs is to catch a clue. Catholic doctrine on abortion is not based on the biologically humanity of the unborn life, but on our belief that God gives an immortal soul to each and every human being at conception. Philosopher guy also needs to brush up on developmental psychology, logic and slippery slopes cuz boy howdy, if you take that whole “full moral sense” thing seriously, it opens up a big, ugly can of Nazi worms.

Did you know that it has long been the teaching of the Catholic Church that a human being is not capable of making ethical or moral decisions much before the age of seven years after birth?  Think how convenient it would be if you could off any kid who didn’t meet a minimum set of requirements before age seven. I bet Obamacare would even pay for it, you know? Save the taxpayers a bundle on remedial education and whatnot.

Developmental psychologists go even further than the Catholic Church in identifying at least half a dozen increasingly sophisticated moral and ethical stages that humans progress through. They also know that many people get stuck at some point along the way and never achieve the highest level at all. Wow … talk about convenient!  We could push that okay-to-kill thing up to include anyone who hasn’t made it to Stage 6, then Democrats could by-pass all that tedious harassing by the IRS and go straight to “aborting” Tea Partiers for failing to “take the views of others into account.”

Stages of Morality

Whatchawannabet the author of this so-called argument for the morality of early abortion considers himself a fully potentialized and deeply moral human and not … you know … an embryonic Nazi?


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Excellent video about guns and murder rates

This is really well done. A quick, clear and persuasive examination of gun ownership vs. homicide rates that stacks up to be bad news for Musket Morgan and his “screw the 2d amendment” crowd.

H/t GP

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In the Fascist State of New York

Where Democrat leaders are 100% in favor of using any means available to deprive their political opponents of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

2014_01 23 Schumer - sic feds on political opponents


H/t Pistol Pete


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Our legal system is so messed up

ABORTION Without life no other rights matter

Check out these two stories from Life News.

Judge sentences man to 14 years in prison for tricking his pregnant girlfriend into killing his unborn child.


Judge gives permission for man to remove his pregnant wife’s life support knowing it will kill his unborn child.



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