Politico names Most Judged Woman in America

Politico mag calls Wendy Davis “The Most Judged Woman in America.” Dry a tear. The subhead is the most absurd part of the whole piece:

“Wendy Davis did make a mistake. She thought that we were ready for a single mother.”

Yeah, right. I’m so sure the reason we’re being all judgey about poor pitiful Wendy “I put myself through college and law school” Davis is because she was a single mother for a few years before she snagged a well-established lawyer husband to take care of the stinking kid while he paid for her B.A. and J.D. degrees.

It’s got Nothing At ALL to do with her being a rabid supporter of late-term abortion or an ungrateful lying liar who lost parental custody and was court-ordered to abstain from alcohol and drugs for 24 hours before visitations.

Maybe the Demwits at Politico don’t realize that Wendy Davis is a user, not a victim, seeing as they didn’t choose to cover the SCANDAL part of the story.

Tell you what … when I see any Democrat female getting anything remotely like the treatment the Left still dishes out to Sarah Palin, I’ll consider the possibility that our side has gone too far.

2014_01 26 Left whines re Wendy Davis criticism

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2014_01 23 Wheelchair truthers



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6 responses to “Politico names Most Judged Woman in America

  1. Saw a comment this morning: “Wonder what kind of people can commit genocide? These people.” Ain’t it the truth. I’m just speechless how they can double and triple-down on Wendy like this.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      They’re the same “feminists” who defended Bill Clinton over the intern who was not only working for him, but also young enough to be his daughter … after having shrieked “sexual abuse” to the heavens about something Thomas Clarence may or may not have said to a fellow employee in front of other staff members, none of whom thought it was offensive until the Left was looking for a way to keep a Conservative Black off the Supreme Court.


      • Yeah, and I’ve never forgotten the Senate JudCom Chairman presiding at the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings: Joe Biden. If he’d had a shred, an atom, a quantum of decency or respect for his oath, he would have acknowledged the circus that ensued and asked some hard questions of Anita Hill. But, being the mindless political hack that he is, thoroughly unfit to be a U.S. Senator or even a community snowplow driver, he encouraged the circus and hastened the descent of our republic into the abyss. And we have never recovered.


        • chrissythehyphenated

          I did not realize he had chaired that. If he hadn’t been born with a silver spoon, he would’ve been lucky to get a job driving a snowplow.


          • It’s true. But Joe’s another one, like Wendy, who likes to embellish his background story and make it look like he had to “struggle.” One of the few politicians to be accused of being so stupid he had to plagiarize his background story from someone else.


  2. Totally apart from the fact that Wendy is a liar and that she’s trying to make Texas safe for infanticide, she’s just too damn thin-skinned for the job. Her media cheerleaders are even more disgusting than she is, if such a thing is possible.