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If they had a valid argument …

… they wouldn’t need to bully us into silence.

Liberal vs Conservative - thinking

Dearest tells me he heard enthusiastic news coverage today of an anti-fracking protest in Albany attended by … 2,000. There were something like half a MILLION in DC. The broadcast media has become nothing more than propaganda arms for the Obamacrats. It’s shameful.

Fracking has been practiced in the US since 1947. Obama’s EPA director admitted there has not been a single incidence of water pollution from it. Keep in mind that Obama has been blocking the Canadian oil pipeline and doing everything he can to shut down coal mining. If they had a hint of a sniff of a problem with fracking, they’d be screaming it from the rooftops. They don’t, so they resort to bullying.

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Taxpayers funding propaganda training

Can you imagine the liberal head explosions if Bush’s Department of Education had tried to instruct Hollywood on the “proper” way to portray No Child Left Behind?

Taxpayers funding propaganda instruction




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Life March and Lying Liars in Leftstream Media

2014_01 22 March for Life montage

2014_01 22 Lying liars in Left stream media

Brit Hume’s commentary on the March for Life [2:09]

Stadium full of dead babies


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The days when a real Catholic could be a Democrat are OVER

2014_01 22 Pope Francis tweets

2014_01 22 Pres Obama tweets

The Republican Party’s 2012 platform calls for a ban on abortion, but is silent on exceptions, leaving that decision up to Congress and the states.

The Democrat Party’s 2012 platform calls for unlimited abortion, regardless of ability to pay.

30 pieces of silver for Catholics for Obama

2014_01 22 Coexist sign at Life March



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