Freaky thing happened to me just now

My dd recommended I subscribe to the Our Daily Bread daily emails a while back. I’ve been enjoying them, but today is the very first time I ever paid any attention to the audio feature at the top, much less clicked on it. I also have maybe once bothered to look at the name of the author of the daily meditation … but this time I surely did, because when the audio host said it, I was like, “You gotta be kidding me?!”

2014_01 22 ODB by Jennifer Benson Schudt

We KNOW HER. She grew up on our street and was one of the girls’ most favorite EVER babysitters. I think they all still have the mugs she got them one Christmas.

I found her blog. She’s married now and has two kids. I’m not surprised she’s blogging spiritual meditations. She was a very strong Christian even in her teen years when most kids were embarrassed to admit their parents forced them to go to church. She and I had some great talks. And I knew she had majored in writing and gotten a job as a writer, so there you go.

Her curls are natural. 🙂

Today’s Our Daily Bread by Jennifer Benson Schudt

I will rescue you . . . , and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm. —Exodus 6:6

Many of us face the challenge of working with limited resources. Equipped with less money, less time, dwindling energy, and fewer helpers, our workload may remain the same. Sometimes, it even increases. There’s a saying that sums up this predicament: “More bricks, less straw.”

This phrase refers to the Israelites’ hardship as slaves in Egypt. Pharaoh decided to stop supplying them with straw, yet he required them to make the same number of bricks each day. They scoured the land to find supplies, while Pharaoh’s overseers beat them and pressured them to work harder (Ex. 5:13). The Israelites became so discouraged that they didn’t listen when God said through Moses, “I will rescue you . . . , and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm” (6:6).

Although the Israelites refused to hear God’s message, God was still guiding and directing Moses, preparing him to speak to Pharaoh. God remained firmly on Israel’s side—at work behind the scenes. Like the Israelites, we can become so downhearted that we ignore encouragement. In dark times, it’s comforting to remember that God is our deliverer (Ps. 40:17). He is always at work on our behalf, even if we can’t see what He is doing.


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  1. Small world! This might compensate for having Carl Sagan so close by. 😉