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The republicans go on their annual retreat next week to finalize plans to sell out conservatives by passing amnesty while appearing to oppose it and collecting cash from corporate donors who are only interested in cheap labor. Who cares about the country anyway? Gonna be a cold winter.



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    Obama Celebrates MLK holiday By Visiting Soup Kitchen

    They are making burritos. Usually burritos are made with chicken or beef, just like when you pick up a burrito at Chipotle. Barack thinks these are lamb burritos for some reason.
    Is this lamb?
    No, that’s beef

    This is their sop to “income inequality” before they get in their armored limo and go back to a 5 course meal prepared by their personal chef.It is ironic that they made burroitos since once he gets amnesty they will be more popular than hamburgers.




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    Obama: African-Americans will ‘approach’ formal equality in 2015
    Only HE can get away with a comment like that without raising a liberal eyebrow.


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    McAuliffe: If this bipartisan commission can’t decide on Medicaid expansion soon, just give me executive authority
    Enact legislation unilaterally?Who does he think he is,Barack Obama?


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    Mostyn Law Firm donates $1 million to help Wendy Davis in Texas governor’s race
    Davis, a Democratic gubernatorial candidate, is no stranger to law firms specializing in civil litigation, as she first joined the Fort Worth law office of Haynes & Boone in 1994.

    And now, 20 years later, Davis is relying on contributions from her fellow plaintiffs attorneys and their firms, such as the Mostyn Law Firm, to fuel her political climb.

    Personally,I don’t think she stands an ice cube’s chance in hell.This is Texas,not Massachusetts.


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    EPA Decree Shrinks Size of Wyoming by a Million Acres
    The EPA is acting on the authority of His Majesty,Barack I.There is no higher authority in this here land.


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    Michigan black student union: ‘physical action’ if seven demands not met in one week
    “If negotiations are not complete we will be forced to do more, beginning to increase valiantly our activism for social progress and take physical actions on the University of Michigan’s campus,” said senior Shayla Scales to a group of students gathered on campus, according to the Ann Arbor News.

    These black militants are getting more aggressive since Homey#1 took over.They’ll probably get away with extorting a major university.Just the way things are anymore.


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    Pastor tells O’Reilly that Obama is not the anti-Christ.The Anti-Christ is much more popular.


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    Anthony Weiner & Huma hunt for cheaper digs
    Disgraced pol Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, are looking to move out of their $12,000-a-month Park Avenue South rental to a cheaper place
    They’re renting this place from a big donor to Sir William the Impeached.Surprised?Shouldn’t be.


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    White House Seeks to Bypass Congress on Iran Deal
    He can’t help it if he’s so much smarter than anybody else.If they’re too stupid to know it,he’ll have to do it himself.


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    SC Tea Party Leader: ‘Unfortunate’ Lindsey Graham Dismisses Grassroots
    He is 100% certain the parties big money donors will help him to continue to bloody the backs of those he purports to represent with the blade of treachery.


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    I think you’ll enjoy this!


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    SCOTUS to review forced unionization

    Does the state have a right to coerce you into joining a union against your will?
    Roberts will have to check with Barky to see what he wants before he decides.


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    The Spending Bill’s Foul-Smelling Secret
    The wide-ranging “omnibus” spending bill just approved by Congress, with the cooperation of Republicans, failed to include a proposed provision reversing a new Obama regulation that will turn all those nonprofit groups – which had been targeted as potential violators of their tax-free status – into TAXABLE institutions.

    So no need for targeting!


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    The Last Generation of the West and the Thin Strand of Civilization
    This is the latest from my favorite writer,VDH


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    Multi-Millionaire Brian Williams Lectures Viewers on Income Inequality
    Williams melodramatically recited the findings: “Some new figures came out today….And they are so shocking, it takes a while for them to sink in. A study commissioned by Oxfam says the world’s richest 85 individuals have the same wealth as 3.5 billion people around the world. Once again, 85 people on this planet have the same amount of wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion people on this planet.”
    Williams considers himself just plain folk since his contract ‘only’ paid him $13 million last year.


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    Did you hear what happened at Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday party? Neither has anyone else
    There was a party in the East Room of the White House Saturday night, an affair attended by a reported 500 people, a lavish celebration with celebrities galore, appearances by some of the world’s most popular performers, lots of dancing and powerful government officials, including, of course, the most powerful official of all, the President of the United States. And the White House wants to make sure you know as little as possible about it…It was reported that McCain,McConnell,Boehner and Kantor looked very sharp in their crisp white waiters jackets as they served drinks to their owners.


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    Late posting today.A thousand pardons.Some days its really hard trying to find things interesting and not just filler to waste your time.Like granddad used to say,sometimes you got the words and you just ain’t got the music.


    • What A Hoot

      Your filler made me laugh. Thanks, Pete. We used to say, “Nothing is worse than having the dance but no music.”


  19. What A Hoot

    This makes anyone that quilts or has a special quilt happy. Enjoy!