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How to remove a ring WITHOUT cutting it off

This is very clever and requires no special medical equipment … just a length of elastic and some pointy tweezers.

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12 Unborn Animals – Amazing Photos!

Unborn elephant

Unborn horse

To see the rest of these amazing images:


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The republicans go on their annual retreat next week to finalize plans to sell out conservatives by passing amnesty while appearing to oppose it and collecting cash from corporate donors who are only interested in cheap labor. Who cares about the country anyway? Gonna be a cold winter.



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Wendy Davis: Feminist Liar … but I repeat myself

Wendy Davis - Anti woman

A liberal reporter published a story critical of Pro-Abortion Wendy Davis’ personal narrative in a liberal Texas newspaper saying Davis had “blurred” some of the finer details of the personal narrative she and her staff have used to attract voters and boost fundraising.

Wendy Davis has made a big deal about her alleged “struggles” as a “divorced teenage mother living in a trailer who earned her own way through college and law school.” It conjures up images of a 16-year-old washing out dirty diapers in the teensy little toilet of some run-down rented trailer in some dusty trailer park while studying for her GED, doesn’t it? Are you touched and inspired yet? Don’t be. It turns out her “I built that” story is full of holes.

It turns out Davis (born 1963) was 18 when she got married the first time and 19 when their daughter, Amber (born 1982), was born. So, yeah, she was a teen-aged mom … barely.

“Barely” also applies to her “teen-aged single mom” tale. Wendy claims she was 19 when she got divorced, but court records show she was actually 21 when her divorce went through. Maybe she was still 19 when the marriage broke up. But the “single mom living in a trailer” thing is hugely exaggerated. She and her baby moved into her family’s mobile home for a few months before getting their own apartment.

So, yeah, okay. For a time, she was the single mother of a toddler, working two jobs and attending a two-year, para-legal program at a community college (1984 to 1986). One of the jobs was waiting tables four nights a week at her father’s restaurant. The other was working as a receptionist in a pediatrician’s office in the mornings. I’ll grant you, that’s a full schedule. But it’s not crushing and she obviously had family support.

She also clearly had free time and spare energy, because she was only 20 when she started dating second husband-to-be, Jeff Davis. She was still legally married; he was a lawyer, 13 years her senior, and financially well-established. Betcha Grandma was the one watching Amber when Wendy was busy receptioning, waiting tables, going to classes, studying or out on dates with Jeff the Lawyer. I need a tissue!

Wendy and Jeff married in 1987 and “settled in the historic Mistletoe Heights neighborhood, which sits on the bluffs above the Trinity River.” (More tissues, quick!)  Their daughter, Dru, was born in September 1988 while Wendy was working on her Bachelor of Arts in English (1988-1990), which Jeff paid for.

Then she decided to NOT attend a law school in or near Fort Worth, where she could maybe live at home or, at worst, commute home on week-ends. No. She decided she should hike off to Harvard Law School, 1800 miles. Amber was maybe 8 years old and Dru was 2 or 3 when she made this choice. You don’t come home to Texas for week-ends with hubby and the kids when you’re living in BOSTON.

Call me crazy, but damn. There is no freaking way I would’ve left home when my kids were that young! I had to be hospitalized in a too-distant-to-visit city for 3 weeks when they were little. It killed me that I only got to see them once half-way through. I don’t get this woman. I really don’t.

Jeff Davis, who is obviously way too good for her, cashed in his 401(k) and took out a loan to pay for Harvard. He also kept the girls with him in Texas. She was graduated and passed the bar in 1993. The day after Jeff had made the final payment on the loan, she walked out on him. Literally.

The day after. Criminetly, she’s not even subtle about what a self-serving narcissist she is. In the divorce, he got custody of both girls (thank God) and Wendy was ordered to pay child support. So much for that “I know what it’s like to be a single mom” and “I paid my own way through college” crap.

Wendy’s excuse for her political pile of bio bullshit? “My language should be tighter,” she said. “I’m learning about using broader, looser language. I need to be more focused on the detail.”

She’s a LAWYER, for crying out loud. If there’s one thing lawyers learn, it’s how to be PRECISE in their language … especially when they’re under oath. Davis recently testified in a federal lawsuit, “I got divorced by the time I was 19 years old.” But her divorce wasn’t final until she was 21, which means she lied in her testimony.

If Wendy Davis were a Pro-Life Republican, they’d be screaming about perjury. Kinda reminds one of Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren, doesn’t it?

Elizabeth Warren Dances with Perjury



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Rabbi Kaduri, Ariel Sharon and the End of Time

The Rabbi Who Found Messiah [5:52]

OCTOBER 2005: Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, a lifelong legend in the Jewish community, announced on Yom Kippur (Oct 12-13, 2005),

I have met the Messiah. He has appeared to me in a vision. He has attached his soul to a particular person in Israel. I will spend this day teaching you how to recognize the Messiah, for He shall appear soon. You must be ready for His coming. Many events of awe will take place before His coming … but they will happen quickly. … I must tell you something disturbing. I have no specific information to give you on the following matter other than what I am about to share with you now,” he also said. “The Messiah has revealed to me that He will not present Himself until after the death of our prime minister, Ariel Sharon.”

JANUARY 2006: Twelve weeks later, Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke (Jan 4, 2006) and was left in a permanent vegetative state. Twenty-four days later, Rabbi Kaduri died (Jan 28, 2006).

JANUARY 2007: Rabbi Kaduri left a hand-written note to be opened a year after his death. It read, “ירים העם ויוכיח שדברו ותורתו עומדים” (translated as “he will raise the people and confirm that his word and law are standing”), which by acronym, suggested the name Yehoshua, which is the Hebrew name for Jesus.

JANUARY 2014: After eight years and eight days in a coma, Ariel Sharon died (Jan 11, 2014).

About the numbers I highlighted:

TWO: Difference, division or double portion. E.g., Old Testament (Jew) and New Testament (Gentile). For Christians, Jesus, the second person of the Trinity, plus his human and divine natures.
EIGHT: Salvation, resurrection, and new birth/regeneration.
TWELVE: Perfection of church and government.
TWENTY-FOUR: Twelve times Two = Perfection of God’s kingdom, the coming together of Jew and Gentile in Yeshua Messiah.

BOOK and DVD: “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah”




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