The quacking of Leftist nooz

Duck Dynasty Season 5 premiered January 15, 2014.

Post-show headlines ran heavily toward the preferred Left-Wing Nooz Meme that nobody wants to support gun clinging, Bible-thumpers like that horrible Phil Robertson QUACCCKKK! QUACCCKKK!

Sample headlines:

  • Duck down! ‘Duck Dynasty’ returns to lower ratings after controversy
  • Is ‘Duck Dynasty’ played out?
  • Duck Dynasty Doomed
  • ‘Duck Dynasty’ done

I’m sure GLAAD was glad. But was any of it actually true? Let’s take a gander at some CONTEXT, shall we?

“Duck Dynasty” is A&E’s highest-rated show of all time and was the second-biggest cable series last year.

The hurrahs above were about how the Season 5 premiere was down from the Season 4 premiere. But the Duck Dynasty Season 4 premiere (11.8 million viewers) shattered the record for any cable show in its class (nonfiction series telecast on cable).

How does “Season 5 didn’t break any new records” add up to “doomed”? Hmmm? Especially since, hellooooooooo, the Duck Dynasty Season 5 premier took the top spot in cable that day.

2014_01 14 Duck Dynasty tops cable w S5 premiere

But, but, but … that doesn’t fit the MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEME.

Quack me a river.


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