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New York Conservatives, the exits are there, there, and there

Please line up in an orderly fashion and proceed to disembark from the state immediately.

Imagine if a pro-life Republican governor had said the opposite. Libtard heads would be exploding on camera as we speak.

UPDATE: Jan 19 addition via Twitter





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The quacking of Leftist nooz

Duck Dynasty Season 5 premiered January 15, 2014.

Post-show headlines ran heavily toward the preferred Left-Wing Nooz Meme that nobody wants to support gun clinging, Bible-thumpers like that horrible Phil Robertson QUACCCKKK! QUACCCKKK!

Sample headlines:

  • Duck down! ‘Duck Dynasty’ returns to lower ratings after controversy
  • Is ‘Duck Dynasty’ played out?
  • Duck Dynasty Doomed
  • ‘Duck Dynasty’ done

I’m sure GLAAD was glad. But was any of it actually true? Let’s take a gander at some CONTEXT, shall we?

“Duck Dynasty” is A&E’s highest-rated show of all time and was the second-biggest cable series last year.

The hurrahs above were about how the Season 5 premiere was down from the Season 4 premiere. But the Duck Dynasty Season 4 premiere (11.8 million viewers) shattered the record for any cable show in its class (nonfiction series telecast on cable).

How does “Season 5 didn’t break any new records” add up to “doomed”? Hmmm? Especially since, hellooooooooo, the Duck Dynasty Season 5 premier took the top spot in cable that day.

2014_01 14 Duck Dynasty tops cable w S5 premiere

But, but, but … that doesn’t fit the MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEME.

Quack me a river.


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“The doctor told my mom to abort me”

Tenor Andrea Bocelli

Bishop Andrew Cozzens, Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

“When my mom was 20 weeks pregnant with me, her water broke and she went immediately to the hospital,” he said. “She and my father spent a night in prayer that they would not lose the baby. The next morning, the doctor came in after running some tests.”

The doctor said, “I need to tell you that your child is severely deformed and I recommend that we induce labor” — in other words, end the child’s life prematurely.

Mrs. Cozzens said, “Absolutely not.”

The doctor answered, “You don’t get it — this child is a freak.”

“I don’t care what you say,” she answered. She was determined to keep her baby — and to get a new doctor.

A second doctor was sent and he said the baby would be fine, “If you’re willing to lie in bed for the rest of this pregnancy.”

The parents were happy to do just that. But “How will we pay?” they asked. Insurance wouldn’t cover a months-long hospital stay.

The new doctor said not to worry. He had made a bet with the first doctor that she would deliver a healthy and normal child. If the baby was normal, Doctor 1 would pay for her $1,200 hospital stay. If not, Doctor 2 would pay.

“When the second doctor delivered me he told the nurse to go get the other doctor and tell him to see his ‘little freak,’” laughed Bishop Cozzens.


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