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Wading knee-deep in depressing,frustrating crap on a daily basis has made me look forward to Friday as much as it did when I had a full time job. I finally get to have a little fun posting things that hopefully make you realize that your life doesn’t suck as near as badly as mine does.

The Ghetto Trash turns 50 today (that’s 985 in Wookie years). I deliver both the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times and both had her mug shot on the cover. Dealing with that at 2AM is good training for the task I perform here. The media are falling all over themselves fawning over this chocolate nightmare. ABC even suggested ’50 ways to celebrate Mooch’s birthday.’ I kid you not.

Twitchy has a thread with some really snarky comments here:

[Graphic inserted her by CtH, cuz I had to bloggy and facebook this story. Thanks Pete!]

Not to be upstaged by anything important,she tweeted this picture with her brand new AARP card. Like she’ll ever need them.

Still keeping your lunch down?

This is a Radio Shack ad from 1991.You could get a mobile phone on sale for $199!Thats $100 off.



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  1. Pistol Pete

    Does this come as a revelation to anybody who’s raised kids?


    • chrissythehyphenated

      LOL somebody paid for this study? Speaking of small “people” having attitude … my boy poodle was sitting on MY spot on the couch. When he moved so I could sit down, I gave him a pat and said thank you.

      And he SNORTED at me. I swear. That dog has such a sarcastic streak.

      I was seriously annoyed, since I had no need to thank him, what with me being Alpha and Queen of All. So I gave him a testy lecture about bad manners. He refused to look at me. I’m still annoyed. He better hope I sweeten up before treat time, because it requires opposable thumbs to get that bag open.

      How dumb is the WordPress dictionary? It didn’t know opposable is a word. It does now.


  2. Pistol Pete

    Police: Man Fell Asleep While Burglarizing Santa Ana Home
    If you’re going to be a cat burglar it’s best not to have a sleep disorder


  3. Pistol Pete

    Coach sues Little Leaguer, 14, for $500,000 because he threw his helmet and hit his heel in excitement during a game
    The coach claims the helmet hit the back of his heel so hard it severed his Achilles tendon and he went into shock
    The boy tossed the helmet into the air while celebrating a walk-off win at home plate with teammates
    He coached 11 games after the alleged injury
    This wretched slug is a chiropractor.


  4. Pistol Pete

    my beloved Chicago Cubs are in their 107th year of their 5 year rebuilding plan.Management thinks they’ve come up with a way to finally win….a mascot!
    his name is clark because Crark street borders Wrigley field(along with Addison and Sheffield.)Comcast Sportsnet did a feature on the l’il critter.unfortunately,some smartass had photoshopped a wee and family jewels on it and nobody checked.This is as good as it gets for us long-suffering fans.


  5. Pistol Pete

    Pimp sues Nike for $100m because they didn’t warn him about dangers of using Air Jordans to stomp on man’s face
    Sirgiorgiro Clardy, 26, was convicted in 2013 for using his Air Jordans to stomp on a man’s face after he refused to pay Clardy’s prostitute
    The victim required stitches and underwent plastic surgery
    Clardy also reportedly beat prostitute so badly her ears bled
    Wouldn’t you love to be on THAT jury?


  6. Pistol Pete

    She Probably Never Expected Her Boss to React Like This Upon Learning of Her Brain Tumor
    The owner of a Texas restaurant is selling his business to help one of his employees pay for treatment related to her brain tumor
    I just can’t be standing by and doing nothing,” he said. “I have to try something because it’s not right.”
    Heaven has a special place for people like this


    • chrissythehyphenated

      NICE … especially after those lawsuits stories! 🙂 We were the victims of a frivolous lawsuit once. My parents were also. It’s no picnic.


  7. Pistol Pete

    White Castle square slider is named ‘most influential burger of all time’, beating McDonald’s, the Whopper and the Ramen Burger
    Sorry,GP;White Castle sliders are three bites of nirvana.IMHO


  8. Pistol Pete

    The folks at Hop N change Cartoons put together a video B-day card for Mooch.Check it out:


  9. Pistol Pete

    Wisconsin U. Removes Bibles from School Lodge
    The move comes after a guest complained to the Freedom From Religion Foundation about a Bible in one of the rooms.
    Think I’ll go up there and complain there’s not a Bible in my room.Think that would make a difference?


  10. Pistol Pete

    Stop me if you heard this one. Three guys try to rob an old man who has a .357…
    This doesn’t end well for the three nitwits


  11. Pistol Pete

    Americans Share Their Thoughts on Joe Biden


  12. Pistol Pete

    The cats of war: Now your feline can have its own BODY ARMOR
    Fully-articulated armour is hand-stitched from black leather
    BoB:you need this for all your little furry critters

    Read more:


  13. Pistol Pete

    14 Things You Didn’t Even Realize You Stopped Doing
    Full disclosure:I’ve done them all except #1


  14. Pistol Pete

    This is the smartest man in the world???


    • chrissythehyphenated

      His main point here is that learning English is the only way to succeed … which totally exposes how racist the Left’s determination to demand Spanish-speaking kids be taught in Spanish really is.


  15. Pistol Pete

    Duck Dynasty premiered their new season Wednesday.Doing my research Thursday morning the UK Mail Online shouted:DUCK DYNASTY VIEWERSHIP DOWN 28!!
    The last season premier drew a resord 11.8 million viewers.This weeks total was “only” 8.5 million.The press is trying desperately to show Phil’s homophobia was to blame.
    Big Fur Hat over at IOTW has the answer:

    The media is trying desperately to say that Duck Dynasty is in trouble. The facts simply don’t back them up, though. By the way, where is Queer as Folk, The L Word or any other gay show? We’ll keep our eye on the ratings of that new HBO *homo show that is premiering, I’m sure it will have well over 250,000 viewers.


    Variety -On a night that included original series episodes on every broadcast network — including the season premiere of Fox’s “American Idol” — “Duck Dynasty” ranked as the evening’s No. 2 program among adults 18-49

    USA Today – looks like Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson’s anti-gay sentiments and the controversy they created may have had a serious effect on viewers after all.

    The Season 5 premiere on Wednesday of the A&E reality show drew 8.5 million viewers, down sharply from the nearly 12 million that tuned in for the Season 4 opener in August. Despite the decline, that’s still a healthy number, but industry experts expected to see the same viewership as before, if not better. To be fair, last winter’s premiere of the show drew 8.6 million viewers.

    USA Today-Duck Dynasty Suffers Huge Ratings Drop As Fifth Season …

    Did Phil’s anti-gay slurs hurt Duck Dynasty’s ratings? | Mail Online

    *excerpt about the homo show from the NY Post –

    -Like “Weekend,” this show is not for the faint of heart. If you currently consider gay people to be sexual deviants, “Looking” will probably confirm your beliefs. But if you’re an open-minded person with a soul, you’ll find it to be a gut-wrenching, fresh approach to how entertainment portrays gay men.

    The show confirms gay men are deviants, but if you feel that way you have no soul. Gotcha, Slick


  16. Pistol Pete

    Disturbed Shooter Wearing Scary Halloween Mask Fails to Frighten Military Vet With Concealed Carry Permit
    An armed society is a polite society


  17. Pistol Pete

    I just do the best I can


  18. Pistol Pete

    Hershey’s to make 3-D chocolate printer
    Chrissy:you need one of these


  19. chrissythehyphenated

    Is it my imagination or does Mooch look evil even when she’s smiling?


  20. chrissythehyphenated

    The Left has degraded our culture way too much. The latest assault on the hearts, minds and eyeballs of the decent is in NYC, where a clothing store had a front window display of female mannequins in lingerie sporting nipples and PUBIC hair.


  21. It’s not easy being a person of uncontrollable impulse.

    I saw the Time-Hillary cover and had to rush off and make up my own parody of it before I could come back and finish reading the Friday Pete.

    Thanks for all the inspirations!