Benghazi: Lies and Damn Lies

Benghazi victims over WH

According to recently declassified documents, General Ham knew within minutes … MINUTES … that our Benghazi consulate was not only under attack, but that it was a TERRORIST attack.

General Ham immediately informed General Dempsey, the two of them immediately informed Secretary Panetta, who immediately met with President Obama.

Got that? Before the attack was an hour old, President Obama KNEW our ambassador and his staff were under attack by a well-armed terrorist group. He then ordered that NO ASSISTANCE be provided to the consulate staff, four of whom were killed.

Benghazi help near by

For weeks after, he and many of his aides (including then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and then U.N. Ambassador/now National Security Advisor Susan Rice) REPEATEDLY told the public the violence had been the result of a protest over a YouTube video gone awry.

  • Obama and Clinton told the victims’ families … to their FACES … that they had no idea it was a terror attack or that the consulate was in serious danger.
  • They also publicly apologized for it to the very people who had fomented the murderous attack and saw to it the maker of the video (which fewer than 400 people ever saw) was arrested.

After Obama’s re-election campaign was over, evidence emerged that the video story was a Big Fat Lie and the Obama administration then apologized for having knowingly and deliberately LIED to American voters at a sensitive time in the campaign.

While being questioned about this, Hillary Clinton shrieked, “What DIFFERENCE does it make?”

Got all that?

  • People died.
  • Obama lied.
  • The media helped cover it all up because the election was a few weeks away.
  • And Hillary Clinton thinks the murder of four Americans is a big yawn.

The people Clinton apologized to for the YouTube video are the same people who pranced around the streets, celebrating and photographing for viewing on the internet the fact that they had kidnapped, tortured, and murdered a United States Ambassador.

Ambassador Stevens dead celebrated



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2 responses to “Benghazi: Lies and Damn Lies

  1. GP

    I don’t know who is worse, the subhuman animals who did this, or the political animals who won’t take responsibility for their failure to stop it.