Reuters shocked Pope is Catholic

2014_01 13 Reuters shocked Pope is Pro-Life

Conservatives, in a nod to intelligence and good journalism, suggest this may be the stupidest headline and premise of a story ever and ponder, if the Pope is still Catholic, is it too late for TIME to rescind that Man of the Year thing.


  • So the Pope is STILL Catholic. Thanks @Reuters.
  • Wow, the Church is Pro-Life. Who would’ve thunk?
  • Wow, I haven’t been this surprised since Obamacare imploded on the launchpad.
  • The stupid is strong with the lamestream media.
  • These liberal reporters actually think there’s a debate going on within the Church about abortion.
  • Reuters, in nod to liberals, calls itself “news.”
  • In nod to conservatives? How about “In nod to God’s teachings”?
  • Is Reuters stupid? I don’t know. Is the Pope Catholic?
  • Pope, in nod to conservatives, says Sunday Mass still “pretty much a requirement, guys, for real, don’t skip it.”
  • The Pope was holding a bible during his statement, but @reuters incorrectly described it as an AR-15 shotgun.
  • Pope, in nod to conservatives, believes in God.
  • Wait till @Reuters finds out the Pope thinks Jesus was divine. It’s. About. To Get. Real.



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5 responses to “Reuters shocked Pope is Catholic

  1. Kelly M

    awesome tweets..I noticed all of my liberal friends who have been expressing and posting on FB how much they ‘love the pope,’ were silent on this story..shocker.