Another narcissistic fool shoots off his mouth

Kanye West is a fool

After reading up on how inflated the Tom Cruise alleged quote was, I was skeptical when I heard Kanye West had likened performing on stage to going to war. So I googled and oh my goodness.

You know … Tom Cruise did NOT say what they claimed he said about movie making being akin to military service in a war zone. I read the transcript. He was being deposed by a hostile lawyer for a lawsuit and the lawyer deliberately pushed him into saying the bit that was then released to the public specifically to make Cruise look like an idiot. But in context, Cruise actually said the opposite of what they claimed. In fact, he scoffed at the very idea that making a movie was anything like serving in the military.

What Kanye West said though … this is like the opposite of the Cruise thing. “Performing is like going to war” doesn’t quite do justice to the narcissistic absurdity of all that Kanye West actually said. The man’s #1 career goal has been to get paid big bucks to have folks pay attention to him and he’s actually got the gall to bitch about paparazzi and public scrutiny. I’m sorry. What part of “Look at me! Look at me!” did you not understand, Kanye?

Plus, gee golly whiz, he thinks the struggles of performing are, “Wow, this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Cuz putting one’s life on the line to protect and defend for civil servant’s wages is soooooooooooooo like prancing around on stage for millions of dollars. NOT.


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  1. Kanye West is a jackass.

    Wait, did I just agree with Barack Obama on something?

    I expect hell to freeze over at any moment.