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Media Bias and the New Nixon

The IRS has apologized for targeting conservative political groups during the 2012 election in order to hinder their ability to raise campaign money and support challengers to Democrat candidates.

Now it’s coming out that IRS agents were targeting Tea Party groups in 2011 as well. Color me shocked. Okay. Not so much. Certainly the Palins aren’t surprised.

2014_01 10 Palin's dad harassed by IRS

You know what OTHER administration misused the power of the IRS to target political enemies?

Watergate IRS

What’s the difference? The media. Nixon was a Republican. Obama is a Democrat.


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Media Bias and Political Scandals

The MSM is on a feeding frenzy over Republican Chris Christie’s Bridgegate scandal.

2014_01 Bridgegate media frenzy

Now … think back and ask yourself how much “frenzy” there was in their reporting of these Democrat political scandals

Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting Tea Party and Conservative groups, DOJ eavesdropping illegally on Fox and AP reporters, Healthcare dot gov’s epic and on-going failure, NSA eavesdropping on pretty much everybody, Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal, Eliot Spitzer “Client 9” hooker scandal, John Edwards’ infidelity while running for VP scandal, Former Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee Chris Dodd’s sweetheart loan deals, GSA’s Party-gate, IRS waste and bonus scandal, Solyndra etc. “green” government grants followed by “golden parachute for Dem donors” bankruptcy scandals, Charlie Rangel financial disclosure scandal, Maxine Waters banking ethics scandal, convicted criminal and Obama bundler Tony Rezko’s sweetheart real estate deal with Barack Obama, Fannie Mae Democrat CEO bonuses and campaign constributions scandals, billionaire Democrat bundler for Obama Jon Corzine’s perjury and financial hijinks scandal, Obama’s Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner tax evasion scandal, Jesse Jackson Jr.’s attempt to buy Obama’s vacated Senate seat, Oregon Congressman David Wu’s sexual assault of a teenager, David Paterson’s bullying of a domestic violence victim, Eric sexual harassment of a staffer, Obama’s National Security Advisor Tom Donilon leaking national security secrets.

Keep in mind this list could be a lot longer.

So, why is it that Chris Christie is responsible for everything his staffers do, while Democrats are hardly held accountable for their own bad behaviors?

2011 - 1994 Media bias - Sex scandals

This is nothing new either. Remember how Robert Byrd was once a poobah in the KKK? Remember how Ted Kennedy abandoned a woman to die at Chappaquiddick?  You don’t?  Hmmm … ask yourself why that is and how the MSM would’ve harped on these two stories endlessly if Kennedy or Byrd had been Republicans.



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Udall bullied agency to lie

2013_11 CO Sen Udall bullied agency to change report

2013_11 Emails re Udall bullying



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They’re not called DUMBocrats for nothing

2013_01 McCarthy sounds stupid on guns

A year ago, Democrat Representative Carolyn McCarthy (NY) said we needed to ban the sale of guns and ammo, because if they are “not in the stores, they can’t be bought.”

An FBI study of gun crimes found that only 20% of gun crimes had been committed with weapons purchased at a store, while only 2% of gun crimes had been committed with the kind of weapons McCarthy was pointing at in the photo.

The good news is this particular DUMBocrat has decided not to run for re-election.


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The ideal Democrat

H/t Pistol Pete

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One world currency and a mark to buy and sell

These are in Revelation as features of the Anti-Christ’s persecution of Christians during the last seven years of Time. Anyone who refuses to renounce Jesus and declare Anti-Christ the true Messiah will be shut out of the global economic system. Wages, groceries, gas, housing, medical care. You name it … you won’t be able to get it legally. And the technology required to make it happen is not even remotely science fiction.

Single ‘Coin’ Card Replaces All Your Credit, Debit Cards [2:17]

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