Understanding Obama vs. The Little Sisters

“You don’t have to assassinate that guy yourself. You just have to contract a hit man to do it for you.”

That’s the whole thing in a nutshell. Obama will graciously allow nuns who care for poor elderly folks to not provide birth control and abortion pills in their health insurance plan, provided they require another health insurance plan to do it for them. Riiiight. Cuz paying someone else to do something is morally SO different from doing it yourself. NOT.

This is what Progressives call “religious freedom.” I saw that kind of “freedom” when I visited Budapest in 1965 and Moscow in 1972.

Below is a good, clear explanation to assist you in getting up to speed on this important issue.

Little Sisters of the Poor Case: The Administration’s Position Goes from the Absurd to the Surreal

By Matt Bowman – January 6, 2014

The Obama administration told the Supreme Court that nuns running an elder-care facility should have to provide “free” abortion drugs through their health-insurance plan. Witness your tax dollars at work.

There is hope, though, that your hard-earned pay won’t be wasted on absurdities like this much longer. Religious freedom is so embedded in American law that Obamacare has suffered court orders against its mandate in 53 of 60 rulings so far.

Yet despite having many opportunities to promote abortion without involving people of faith, the Obama administration refuses to cut its losses. Instead it has doubled down ferociously – insisting on coercing even nuns to participate in its anti-life, anti-religious agenda.

Read the rest @ http://m.nationalreview.com/node/367564/print

I recommend you follow his links. The background information is informative and he also includes a link to the actual text of the Obama Supreme Court filing.

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