2014 World Watch List

Pray for the persecuted

The annual World Watch List ranks countries by the intensity of persecution that Christians face for demonstrating their faith in all spheres of life – private, family, community, national and church.

For the 12th straight year, North Korea is numero uno on the Open Doors list of “worst places to be a Christian.” In North Korea, a Christian can be executed or forced into a lifelong labor camp along with several generations of his or her family just for possessing a Bible or for spending time in prayer.

NoKo is Atheist Communist. However, worldwide it is Islamic Extremism that is the worst persecutor of Christians. Overall, persecution of Christians worldwide continues to increase. It is estimated that 100 million Christians are actively being persecuted. A total of 2,123 Christians are known to have been martyred in 2013 compared to 1,201 in 2012. Syria had the most martyrs with 1,213. The death total in North Korea is not available.



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