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After a weekend there’s always so darn much stuff to get through.

Well,we’ll sally forth and do the best we can.

Those of you in more temperate climes give a kind thought to those of us in the ‘Polar Vortex.’

Never heard of it? The climate alarmists just made that up to blame the record cold on global warming. I live 70 miles northwest of Chicago and the actual temperature as of this posting,according to Yahoo news is -18. The wind chill is hovering about -45.

Question:what the hell did we do before they started calculating ‘wind chill factor’ to make you feel even worse than you already did? Back in the day,if it was cold,you bundled up before you went out. If you didn’t need to go out, YOU DIDN’T GO!!!!

Well,they say that exposed skin can be frostbitten in 15 minutes.Guess I’ll have to put off stripping to my skivvies and jogging a few miles.

I remember many a morning trying to start my Freightliner diesel truck and driving in a frigid cab all day. That damn thing was as cold-blooded as my ex-wife(well,maybe not THAT cold.) I went and delivered my papers today,mostly from the warmth of my car. Got home,enjoyed a hot cup of coffee and looked out over the field behind our house and said to myself: self,being retired ain’t all bad.

Chrissy:you queried why Butch Maddow looks like Pajama Boy…this could explain it:



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A prayer for undecorating

2014_01 02 Dewey guards presies

This is such a lovely idea! Undecorating has always been a chore I dreaded so much that some years (when no one was coming), I refused to decorate at all. But this … this makes it seem like a holy task.

Lord Jesus, today we will put all of our Christmas decorations away. Our house will look ordinary again, but the blessings of Christmas are always with us, kept in the deep, quiet places of the house, just the way our decorations are. Help our souls be a place where Jesus always dwells and our home be a place where Christmas is alive every day of the year.

Not that undecorating will happen any time soon at Casa Hyphen. The Marines wore themselves out with finals (Brag: Warrior Princess got a 4.0!) and Christmassing with his clan. They’re down with a bug, so Dewey is guarding the presies until they feel up to braving the snowy roads. It can be very ugly driving between their place and ours in the winter.


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Unwilling to hear

From my Fox News Update email: “Reid told Fox News that he was unwilling to hear Republican …. “

Seems as if an unwillingness to hear is the most dominant theme of the Obamacrats’ style of leadership.

That’s the actual definition of a BIGOT … “someone who is unwilling to listen to anyone else’s opinion.”

Obama followers hate

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This is a feeble attempt by yours truly to try to do a post like CtH could do it.
If you haven’t been paying attention,this is MHP:


For their year-end show they had a bunch of unfunny leftist “comedians” on to mock…what else? Republicans. They showed a picture of Mitt Romney’s family with their newly-adopted black grandchild on Romney’s lap. All these ‘tolerant’ slugs saw was a shiny black face in a sea of white. They thought it was really funny joking about the little ‘token.’

Afterwards,a storm of outrage exploded all over the twitterverse about the crass insensitivity of this no-talent hack.
Fearing for her job,she offered this heartfelt “apology.”

At least she didn’t wear her trademark tampon earrings.

Right after her phony apology,Slate bitch Katrina Van Den Hateful sniffed:
“But I do think the right-wing populism of the tea party not only became so obsessed with an anti-government meme, but let’s be honest. There is a race … racism threaded through the right-wing populism, I mean which is not unusual to American right-wing populism, that has not allowed for coalitions that could be built on behalf of working people in this country against the most powerful interests.”


Phallic Baldtwerp tweeted:
If I cry, will I be forgiven all of my transgressions?

— ABFoundation (@ABFalecbaldwin) January 5, 2014

Even Keith Olberpuke piled on:
Any adults in charge over there? RT @politico Melissa Harris-Perry apologizes to Romney family for using their black adopted grandson in a comedy segment http://politi.co/1hSfI8u


From HotAir.com:
Yeah, the interesting thing about this is that they put the photo on the air even though they obviously didn’t have anything to say about it. Ostensibly it’s comic fodder for Harris-Perry’s panel of comedians to riff, but all they can muster is (1) hey, one of them looks different, (2) a Kardashian joke from MHP herself, and (3) a predictable dig at the GOP — which would have worked just as well as a dig at Obama’s 2012 campaign team, actually. It’s not that the photo’s inherently funny or that a white family adopting a black child is wrong — imagine them reacting to a photo of Tom Cruise with his adopted son — it’s that, I think, they felt they couldn’t let it go unremarked upon that the GOP’s last nominee seems happy to have a black child in his family. On MSNBC, racism is the only reason to become a Republican. They’ve got to mock, even if they’re not exactly sure what they’re mocking, to delegitimize the inconvenient possibility that Romney isn’t prejudiced. Or maybe I’m giving them too much credit; maybe they do have a problem with interracial adoptions, a controversial subject in family law for ages. A lot of people who’d normally insist that race is nothing more than a social construct tend to get fidgety when a black child goes to live with a white family because it risks depriving him of his “authenticity.” Maybe that’s happening here, although I lean towards the “look at this Republican with a black kid!” gawk theory.

In other “all conservative thoughts spring from prejudice” news, apparently making fun of a grown man for wearing pajamas that a three-year-old would wear is proof of anti-Semitism.

MHP has a white mother and her dad is bi-racial. Except for a few nightmares like Sheila Jackass-Lee,name another famous black woman who isn’t partially white. I’m not trying to be racist,I just want to know.
Joyless Reid looks black,but could she be Ol’ Harry’s love Chile?

Class act,ain’t she?

Howard Kurtz has a theory. He’s kind of enjoyable since he left CNN.

Howard Kurtz wonders if MSNBC is being deliberately crude. When your ratings have hit rock bottom, the easy way for a TV network to revive your fortunes is to have your hosts deliberately create controversy, which generates social media buzz, which drives viewers to your network.

Is it possible all of these controversies at MSNBC over the last few months have been the result of company policy which encourages MSNBC personalities to be rude and crude?


Mitt Romney was on Fox News Sunday yesterday. As expected,he handled it with class.


I know this post lacks the artistic style of others contributors,but I do the best I can with what I have.


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They killed trees for this?!

My mom used to say, “I don’t care if a dress is marked down from $100 to $10. If I don’t like it, it’s a waste of $10.” Wise words from a very savvy financial manager. And based on this maxim, I must say … this book is a waste of a dollar. I am, however, totally enjoying the schadenfreude. ::snort::




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More Media Bias

Sorry, but I cannot help myself. We cannot have freedom without an unbiased media. In most oppressed countries I know of, the media was forced into dishing propaganda for the dictator du jour. Here, they chose it. And it makes me so angry, I could just spew.

Here a couple of the latest bias graphs from Media Research Center.

MSM blame GOP bias

MSM anti-gun bias

Obama’s reelection campaign was based on “Al Qaeda is dead”, “You can keep you insurance”, and “The economy is turning around.” You’d think the fact that Al Qaeda is very much alive, five million people have lost their insurance, and the economy still stinks would matter to the MSM. But nooooooo … what matters to the MSM is that finally, Finally, FINALLY Barack got a Real Vacation!

2014_01 04 NYT reports on BHO vacay



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