Ministering to Low Information Voters

I truly believe that the Left is dragging souls into Hell; therefore, I feel I have a responsibility to God to reach them with the truth. In order to do this well, I must stay in prayer and remember always that God loves these lost sheep with a passion I cannot begin to fathom.

I must also strive to be the best communicator I can possibly be, which means knowing both my material and my audience. Angelaisms has a good piece up at Misfits about why the most effective arguments speak to both the heart and the mind.

I picked the graphic above, because I think it does this brilliantly.


It wasn’t that long ago that I was little more than a parrot for Progressive talking points. I was one of the low-information types that we frequently bemoan; I cheered on the Democrats because I believed that compassion lived on the Left, and I wanted to be aligned with compassion. My change in thinking came about not because someone laid out a pile of facts before me, or because I saw the sexiest pie chart ever. In fact, my husband had tried the “lay out the facts” method, and I had stubbornly refused to walk those paths of logic with him, because I had Smart People and Compassion and School on my side. All he had was Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, and everyone “knows” that both of those things are Stupid and Evil®. No, my change of mind was the direct result of seeing first-hand, in a no-pressure environment, that something I “knew” was a flat-out lie.

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