Selective outrage explained

The Progs true Jefe is Satan. He doesn’t give a crap one way or the other what anyone does to sinners, because they already belong to him. His target is God and those God loves. God loves the Jews, so any nation that wants to annihilate Israel can do whatever it pleases to gays, but a devout Christian like Phil Robertson must be destroyed.

Politically Incorrect Outrage Meter

The same morality prevails with regard to racism, feminism and abortion. God loves children, so abortion must, more than anything else, be legal and lots. Safe? Meh. Satan doesn’t care if women are butchered. He also doesn’t care if the majority of aborted babies are black and/or female. Therefore, his followers don’t care.

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  1. CtH, I absolutely agree with your premise that the central tenet of the KKKK (Kool Kids Kommie Klub) is complete destruction of God and adherence to everything Satanic. But it could also be that KKKKers don’t really care about the rest of the planet. We’ve seen it over and over, in Cambodia, South Vietnam, Rwanda, South Africa, et al. So injustice in Saudi Arabia or China doesn’t register on their outrage meter.