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The religious underpinnings of Leftism

J-bob sent me a list of links about Josh Fox’s numerous lies about fracking. At one of them, I read an illuminating piece by Tom Shepstone excerpted here:

The truth is irrelevant for their purposes, only material to be cut from or pasted into the script when convenient. It reminds me of a forum discussion, in which I was engaged recently, where an anti-natural gas commenter argued the following:

Weak-minded individuals confuse facts with truth. Facts are merely data points, and data can be used to support just about any argument you care to make. When people want to distract you from a critical issue, they often attempt to push the debate into factual minutia. It’s a common rhetorical tactic in today’s American public forum.

Sadly, this is how so many of our activist friends think. It’s all about the narrative, the story and the theater for them – a way for them to tell us what they believe, rather than what they know. The entire debate, for them, is anything but a review of the evidence, the logic or the science. No, it’s about what they imagine to be true, what they have faith to be true. Facts that contradict are just distractions to them because they are committed, heart and soul, to one set of beliefs about what they see and don’t care to know anything else. Their minds have been captured in an ideological perspective that allows no dissent and dismisses all criticisms, all facts to the contrary and all possibilities of any other view.

Shepstone is talking about the fracking debate, but we’ve seen the same thing from Gore-acles, Obama-philes, Pro-Aborts, Atheists and on and on.

How to arrive at logical conclusions

It reminds me of something Dinesh D’Souza wrote about life after death:

The bottom line is that the atheist has no better proof that there isn’t life after death than the believer has that there is. Both groups are claiming knowledge that neither group actually possesses. For the atheist, no less than for the believer, it is entirely a matter of faith.

This equivalence between atheism and belief might seem equally damaging to both positions, but in fact it poses a much bigger problem for atheism.

First, the faith of the believer at least has a plausible source. That source is divine revelation as expressed in a sacred text. So the believer is trusting in what is held to be an unimpeachable source, namely God.

From where, by contrast, does the atheist get his faith? Who or what is the atheist trusting for the determination that there is no afterlife? To this, the atheist typically replies that he is trusting in reason.

[But] there are no controlled empirical experiments that can resolve the issue one way or the other. Consequently atheists [say,”The absence of evidence is evidence of absence.” … But this position] confuses “what is known by a given person under the circumstances” with “what is or is not the case.” …

“Not found” is not the same thing as “found not to exist.” … On the basis of the available facts, not only does the atheist not know what happens after death, he cannot possibly know. The absence of evidence is evidence of nothing.

Atheists like to think of themselves as the party of reason, advancing views that are based only on facts and evidence [when in reality they too hold] a faith-based position.



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Something Rotten in Gasland

You may or may not have heard of the anti-fracking movies “Gasland” and “Gasland II”” by Josh Fox. The fake “David and Goliath” myth about him is presented uncritically at the beginning of this trailer as absolute fact.

Gasland Trailer [2:47]

According to the Josh-as-David myth, a natural gas company offered him $100,000 for permission to frack on his property. Josh-as-David nobly declined. Instead of taking the money and keeping quiet about the alleged evils of fracking, Josh stood up to the Philistine natural gas giants and made “Gasland.”

The thing about heroes is … they’re supposed to be honest. Josh Fox is not. In the movie’s opening segments, Fox often refers to the 19.5 acres in Milanville, Pa., as “my land.” He also talks about “my $100,000″ in reference to money allegedly offered to him by an unnamed gas company to frack on “his” land.

1. The land belongs to his father.

2. The property consists of two parcels each about 500 feet wide and totaling 19.29 acres. One is fairly steep in parts; the other is near a stream. A typical fracking well pad is slightly less than 500 feet square and requires fairly level ground. It also must be sited a minimum of 500 feet from any major stream, building, well or septic system. Neither of Josh’s father’s parcels are suitable for fracking.

3. Natural gas leases are easy to identify, because each company uses a unique format. In “Gasland,” Josh shows the lease offer he claims he turned down. It’s from Hess Corporation, a company that has done zero business in the township where Pater Fox’s parcels are located.

4. Josh claims he received “his” offer in 2008. But the Hess company didn’t start soliciting fracking leases until 2009 when Josh was already making “Gasland.” However, once Hess came into the general area (though not the specific townships where the Fox parcels are), their lease forms became widely available.

5. When challenged, Josh says he no longer has the original documents. What … this was SO IMPORTANT that he turned up his nose at $100 grand, but then he misplaced the evidence? Maybe the dog ate them.

6. Josh likes to cast himself as this altruistic savior of the planet, but anti-fracking has paid much more than $100,000, even if that latter money had ever even existed, which it clearly did not. HBO paid him $750,000 in upfront money to shoot “Gasland”, then publicized it for him. The Park Foundation paid him $150,000 to promote anti-fracking. And he gets paid $5,000-$7,500 to lie out his lying liar hole about his personal saintliness and the evils of natural gas.

Gasland II Debunked [2:44]


Something Rotten in Gasland by Tom Shepstone – June 7, 2011


H/t J-bob


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Selective outrage explained

The Progs true Jefe is Satan. He doesn’t give a crap one way or the other what anyone does to sinners, because they already belong to him. His target is God and those God loves. God loves the Jews, so any nation that wants to annihilate Israel can do whatever it pleases to gays, but a devout Christian like Phil Robertson must be destroyed.

Politically Incorrect Outrage Meter

The same morality prevails with regard to racism, feminism and abortion. God loves children, so abortion must, more than anything else, be legal and lots. Safe? Meh. Satan doesn’t care if women are butchered. He also doesn’t care if the majority of aborted babies are black and/or female. Therefore, his followers don’t care.

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