Dec 31, 2013: The Øcare Bomb counted down to ZERO

According to a recent CNN/ORC national poll, support for Obamacare has declined over the past few months to only 35%, with 62% now opposing the law.

So naturally, Sebelius crowed about fake enrollments while the White House griped about SCOTUS taking sides with Catholic nuns over the HHS Mandate that would force them to add birth control and abortifacient coverage to their insurance policies.

2014_01 01 OBAMACARE Sebelius lies

Tweet responses to Sebelius:

  • “Newly” insured. As in, never had insurance before, or renewed or replaced my expiring policy?
  • Results, over 3 million people that use to have insurance but don’t now.
  • Millions minus one. Thanks to ACA, I can’t afford the new insurance.
  • I get my health insurance through my employer GROUP plan. I was told my rates would go DOWN $2500. They went UP 30%. Thanks.
  • Today there are millions with higher premiums, higher deductibles and a higher rate of stress as they try to decide: insurance, or groceries and clothes for the kids?



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4 responses to “Dec 31, 2013: The Øcare Bomb counted down to ZERO

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Please remember Mia Robertson in your prayers. She is undergoing another round of surgery on her cleft lip/palate.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    In other “Progressives Are Stupid” news … the new mayor of NYC has announced his Big New Initiative to Save New York from Something or other … banning horse carriages. Just one more way LIBTARDS put people (and horses) out of work.