The beer known as “F Word”

Exit 6 check to Starbucks

On December 9, 2013, Starbucks’ lawyer sent Missouri brewer Jeff Britton a cease-and-desist letter. The beer, I mean bone of contention was the micro-brewer’s use of the name “Frappicino” to describe a vanilla creme ale he was serving at his brewpub, Exit 6.

Britton wrote a very apologetic (and funny) letter, enclosing a check for $6.00 to cover the total profits he had made from selling that particular beverage, which (to avoid confusion), he called “F Word” in his letter. Britton then renamed the brew “F Word” and notes that it has become a big seller for Exit 6.

Both letters are posted at Scribd. It’s worth it to go read them. The brewer’s letter to “Mr. Star” is HYSTERICAL.


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