About that vet pension cut – UPDATED

If EVERY SINGLE PERSON receiving any kind of government check … pension, social security, food stamps, the works … if EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM was cut by the EXACT SAME PERCENT, I could maybe … just MAYBE swallow the idea of cutting VETERAN PENSIONS. Since that is not what Congress has voted for, well … color me with hair on fire.

UPDATE: I got this at Facebook today (Sunday Dec 29, 2013):


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5 responses to “About that vet pension cut – UPDATED

  1. GP

    This is intentional and vindictive and the lefties in today’s govt. who want to demoralize the military to the point that the good people stop enlisting and the sheep can become the Gestapo for the new regime.


  2. Still can’t believe this, but at least it will turn the one group Barack REALLY needs totally against him. Still sucks, though.


  3. What on earth has happened to Paul Ryan? I knew he never was as conservative as he wanted us to believe, but still….This is the last draw for me as far as Paul Ryan goes. I really would like to see Boehner and his self-proclaimed “Young Guns” sent home for good.


  4. chrissythehyphenated

    Just got this from my Warrior Princess (whose MOS was Combat Correspondent) — “Little factoid- that Marine being carried out– I met him and wrote a story about him.”