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About that vet pension cut – UPDATED

If EVERY SINGLE PERSON receiving any kind of government check … pension, social security, food stamps, the works … if EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM was cut by the EXACT SAME PERCENT, I could maybe … just MAYBE swallow the idea of cutting VETERAN PENSIONS. Since that is not what Congress has voted for, well … color me with hair on fire.

UPDATE: I got this at Facebook today (Sunday Dec 29, 2013):


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Dogs, pacifiers, and pedal cars

Destressers all. 🙂

2013_12 Israeli hospital pedal car

Being wheeled into an operating room is a stressful experience for everyone. The Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel has now decided to try and alleviate that anxiety among its youngest patients by pushing them in pedal cars. “The idea is to connect the children with their world, to reduce tension and to bring a smile to their faces,” says Orli Refael, head nurse in the hospital’s operating room.

DOG BABY Sharing




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The Horndog and the Hypocrite

2013_12 28 The Horndog and the Hypocrite

Best tweet:

  • I don’t care who Lis Smith dates, but it does show just how bullsh*t the whole “war on women” claim was in 2012.


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