How vindictive are they really?

According to a post at the National Liberty Foundation, President Barack Obama himself may have instigated the attempt to crush the Duck Dynasty show during an off-the-record meeting with high profile liberal journalists in late November during which he suggested they could do to the Robertsons what they had done to Paula Deen.

Deen slams MOOCH, Deen loses tv spot

I have NO idea if the alleged “Barack sics MSM on Phil” thing is legit. For all I know, the story started at the Onion or some other satire site.

What I find troubling is that it is SO VERY EASY FOR ME TO BELIEVE that our President and First Lady would not just deliberately target the reputations and livelihoods of individual Americans for failing to toe the Leftie Line, but that it wouldn’t bother their stone-dead consciences in the least to do so.

Do you get what I’m saying here? Whether they actually did it to Paula and/or Phil is almost BESIDE THE POINT.  They have shown themselves to be the kind of people who would and could. And they live in the White House.



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3 responses to “How vindictive are they really?

  1. I completely agree that they’re both capable and that it’s likely it really happened in both cases. There are plenty of precedents. What I find even more disgusting is that there are so many degenerate OBlowMe minions in the media and entertainment industry and other legal and government offices so willing to ruin people’s lives when told. These willing minions are the ones who make a totalitarian regime function in all its hellishness. Without them, the power-hungry monsters wouldn’t have much bite.