Eugenics and Nationalized Healthcare

The video linked below is an excerpt from the documentary “Architecture of Doom.”

It shows how the Nazis used nationalized health care (Hitlercare) to carry out an aggressive eugenics program of sterilization and euthanasia. Jews, Poles, Gypsies, the disabled, the retarded and the mentally ill were all defined as “infections” that had to be eradicated in order to bring about Utopia.

Eugenics was spawned by Darwin’s “Origin of Species.” Progressives (like Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood) were major promoters of human perfection via eugenics in the 1930’s. About 60,000 “defective” Americans were sterilized by eugenics programs in the United States alone.

One of Sanger’s dearest wishes was to use birth control and abortion to completely eliminate the Negro population from America. Her legacy, Planned Parenthood, is largely responsible for the below-replacement birth rate of American Blacks.

A top priority for ObamaCare has been free birth control, sterilization and abortion on demand. ObamaCare was 100% the product of far Left Democrats. These are the same people who booed God at the Democrat National Convention.

Are we seeing the pattern of atheism, nationalized healthcare and legalized murder here?

How Hitler used Universal Healthcare in Holocaust [33:09]

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    Cher tweeted an extended, multi-sectioned RANT against all things Tea Party, whose members she likens to jihadi terrorists and therefore calls T-Hadists. This one bit goes to my point above:

    Cher: They Won’t Stop until THEY Bring this Country 2its knees,or they R STOPPED. If a Body is Riddled W/CANCER U Cut it out.T-Hadists R Cancer

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