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An Open Letter to GLAAD

Angela hits it out of the park … again. She’s good at that. 🙂

An Open Letter to GLAAD By angelaisms     – Dec 23, 2013


In the spirit of the generosity that marks this particular time of year, I have a message for you:

Get over yourselves.

I’ve not been one of the people who has been fully immersed in this Phil Robertson brouhaha, but I’ve still managed to get the gist of things — he called your (and many others’) actions sinful in a public interview.

Well, boo-frickin’-hoo.

I am a member of the only (thank goodness!) church in United States history that has ever had a government-approved kill order out for its members. I have ancestors that, as members of that church, eventually fled the United States for the Mexican territory because, ultimately, their only other option was to get killed by a mob. …

Read the rest @ http://misfitpolitics.co/2013/12/an-open-letter-to-glaad/

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Have yourself a Merry Pro-Life Christmas!

A record number of surgical abortion clinics — 87 — closed in 2013. The total number of surgical abortion clinics left in the U.S. is now 582. This represents an impressive 12% net decrease in surgical abortion clinics in 2013 alone, and a 73% drop from a high in 1991 of 2,176.

Whatever you did not do


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