“I’m gay and I’m not offended”

What else Phil said

Below is a great statement about the situation.

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2013_12 22 I'm gay and I'm not offended

Also well worth a read …

EXCERPT: Radicalized Gay Bigotry and Weekend Links by Kate on December 22, 2013

What more can really be said about the “tolerant” left’s intolerance of mainstream Christian beliefs? The firestorm over Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson’s homosexuality comments is just the latest insult. Saying that homosexuality is a sin rests within Christianity’s mainstream orthodoxy of religious teaching and is not “hateful” or “hate speech”. (As a side note, thinking people understand the freaks at Westboro Baptist Church are NOT within Christianity’s mainstream orthodoxy.)

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    Please list the link to the AmericanElephant quote. I want to see the original article.