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“I’m gay and I’m not offended”

What else Phil said

Below is a great statement about the situation.

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2013_12 22 I'm gay and I'm not offended

Also well worth a read …

EXCERPT: Radicalized Gay Bigotry and Weekend Links by Kate on December 22, 2013

What more can really be said about the “tolerant” left’s intolerance of mainstream Christian beliefs? The firestorm over Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson’s homosexuality comments is just the latest insult. Saying that homosexuality is a sin rests within Christianity’s mainstream orthodoxy of religious teaching and is not “hateful” or “hate speech”. (As a side note, thinking people understand the freaks at Westboro Baptist Church are NOT within Christianity’s mainstream orthodoxy.)

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His Marvelous Works

Source: Our Daily Bread “Christmas Wonder” December 22, 2013

Remember His marvelous works which He has done. —1 Chronicles 16:12

After my first semester in seminary, my family was given airline tickets to fly home for Christmas. The night before our flight, we realized we had less than $20 for the trip. Parking, transportation, and other incidentals were certain to cost more than $20. Heartsick, we resolved to pray about it. Though our children were small (6 and 2), we included them in the prayer time.

As we were praying, we heard footsteps in the hallway of the apartment building, and then “whisk”—the sound of an envelope sliding under the door. Inside the envelope was an anonymous gift of $50.

The wonder reflected on our 6-year-old daughter’s face matched the wonder in our own hearts. Here was a mighty God writing His name on a little girl’s heart by hearing and answering our prayer in the same instant. And so we, like the psalmist David, could “talk of all His wondrous works!” (1 Chron. 16:9).

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