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Words matter

Liberalism 101 Terrorism vs Workplace Violence

This blog is worth reading.

EXCERPT: The tongue is the tail of the heart. The heart is known by how the tongue wags. … Remember what G.K. Chesterton said? That bigotry is “an incapacity to conceive seriously the alternative to a proposition.”



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Easy tricks to speed up your computing

I knew a couple of the tips in this video already … like Ctl-Z which I use a LOT. I need to watch this again and take notes on the rest. They will be so useful to learn!

LOW STRESS TIP for learning new computer skills: Pick ONE and write it on a 3×5 card or Post-It. Stick it right by your monitor where you can refer to it over and over until you know the thing by heart. Then toss it and make a new one.

Top 10 keyboard shortcuts you didn’t know about [3:26]

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December 19, 2013: U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ruled against Priests for Life in their lawsuit against the HHS abortion mandate. In other words, in his opinion, our First Amendment right to freedom of religion is subject to the government’s approval. Since a different District Court Judge ruled the OTHER way on this matter, it’s virtually a done deal that the issue will go to the United States Supreme Court. You can donate to the Priests for Life legal fund @ https://www.priestsforlife.org/donate/donate-creditcard.aspx

December 19, 2013: The White House announced it will grant a “hardship exemption” for people who have had their prior coverage canceled and believe that Obamacare’s offerings are unaffordable. Note: This isn’t insurance. It’s just an exemption from the FINE for not having insurance. But, oh goodie, Obama is encouraging health insurers to make up bare bones options for these people … which the guy in this video says aren’t affordable either.

So … those people we have heard about? The ones with cancer, MS and other devastating illness who WERE getting the care they wanted but have had their health insurance plans eliminated by Obamacrat Decree? THOSE people are STILL SCREWED … and the individual health insurance market is in chaos.


Priests for Life email


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Kilroy was here!

WWII GIs enjoyed putting Kilroy in odd places, so that no matter where someone came, Kilroy seemingly had been there already. They took the graffiti home with them and Kilroy became a big enough deal that he is ENGRAVED into the World War II monument in Washington, D.C.  My GIs are coming tomorrow, so this wonderful bit of military Americana seems especially appropriate for today’s blog.

Kilroy was here at WWII monument

In 1946 the American Transit Association, through its radio program, “Speak to America ,” sponsored a nationwide contest to find the original Kilroy, offering a prize of a real trolley car to the person who could prove himself to be the genuine article. Almost 40 men stepped forward, but only James J. Kilroy from Halifax, Massachusetts, had evidence to back up his claim.

During the war, he had worked as a checker at the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy, MA. Riveters got paid by the rivet; checkers like Kilroy counted and marked off completed rivets in semi-waxed lumber chalk, then reported the total to payroll. When Kilroy found out that unscrupulous riveters were erasing and moving his marks so they could get more money, he began putting “Kilroy was here” at his stopping place, instead of a simple check mark.

To help prove his authenticity in 1946, James Kilroy brought along officials from the shipyard and some of the riveters. He won the trolley car, which he gave to his nine children as a Christmas gift and set it up as a playhouse in the Kilroy yard in Halifax, Massachusetts.

Kilroy family in trolley car prize

Ordinarily the rivets and chalk marks would have been covered up with paint, but with the war on, ships were leaving the Quincy Yard so fast that there wasn’t time to paint every surface. As a result, Kilroy’s inspection “trademark” was seen by thousands of servicemen who boarded the troopships the yard produced. They thought it was a great joke and proceeded to place the graffiti wherever they landed, often claiming it had been there before them.

Kilroy was here photo

Before war’s end, Kilroy had been everywhere from Berlin to Tokyo. Then the GIs brought him home where he caught on with the general population and is sometimes still used today. It is said Kilroy is on Mt. Everest, the Statue of Liberty, the Arc de Triomphe, and even scrawled in the dust on the moon. Another story goes that, in 1945, an outhouse was built for the exclusive use of Roosevelt, Stalin, & Churchill at the Potsdam conference. Its first occupant was Stalin, who emerged & asked his aide (in Russian), “Who is Kilroy?”

I hid a “Kilroy was here” somewhere along the treasure hunt stops that Army Princess will have to find in order to get this year’s Big Present. Tee hee!

Kilroy Support Our Troops


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Got most of our shopping done yesterday. Today we went to the bank for gift cards for daughters then had a nice lunch.


Thought I’d put some videos from their album,Duck The Halls together for you. Just kick back and enjoy.


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