2013 LIBTARD* of the Year award in the Twitter category

And the winner is …….. Justine Sacco, Director of Corporate Communications for InterActiveCorp (IAC).

IAC is a leading media and Internet company ranked by Fortune as one of the world’s most admired companies in the Internet Services & Retailing sector for many years. IAC’s network of sites receive a billion total monthly visits. Among these are http://About.com, http://Ask.com, http://Match.com and http://OKCupid.com.

Director of Corporate Communications is head of the Public Relations division. At Linked In, Justine lists these as her special areas of expertise:

Justine Sacco's Skills & Expertise at LinkedIn

Justine was chosen for the 2013 LOTY Twitter award for the following tweets:

2013_06 06 Justine Sacco abortion tweet

2013_12 20 Justine Sacco AIDS tweet

*LIBTARD: Low Information Bozo Toothing Anti Republican Dreck



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4 responses to “2013 LIBTARD* of the Year award in the Twitter category

  1. Wow, she’s a PR genius. 🙄


  2. Ting

    I think I saw that she was fired over that Africa tweet.


    • Let’s hope so. What a dumbass!


      • chrissythehyphenated

        I had to look up “geeking out” … best I can figure, in this context, it means “being fascinated by something that most people don’t find interesting.” As in, she’s the kind of person who follows pro-abortion politicians in a faddish way. I’ll give her this … even in her un-self-awareness, she got something more right than most. These people do “love abortion.”