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2013 LIBTARD* of the Year award in the Twitter category

And the winner is …….. Justine Sacco, Director of Corporate Communications for InterActiveCorp (IAC).

IAC is a leading media and Internet company ranked by Fortune as one of the world’s most admired companies in the Internet Services & Retailing sector for many years. IAC’s network of sites receive a billion total monthly visits. Among these are http://About.com, http://Ask.com, http://Match.com and http://OKCupid.com.

Director of Corporate Communications is head of the Public Relations division. At Linked In, Justine lists these as her special areas of expertise:

Justine Sacco's Skills & Expertise at LinkedIn

Justine was chosen for the 2013 LOTY Twitter award for the following tweets:

2013_06 06 Justine Sacco abortion tweet

2013_12 20 Justine Sacco AIDS tweet

*LIBTARD: Low Information Bozo Toothing Anti Republican Dreck



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Sweet smelling Christmas decoration

2013_12 20 Essential oils and fake poinsettia

I used Christmas-sy oils … pine, frankincense, orange, clove, cinnamon and rose. It smells FABULOUS.

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Posted by Pistol Pete

Today’s weather here is the only condition that truly terrifies me…freezing rain. I got stuck on the ice numerous times and didn’t get some of my papers delivered because of the hills in the neighborhoods. At some point,I decided that if my boss wanted my job he could have it (it’ll never happen,because he’s short-handed as it is.) Heavy snow predicted from tomorrow PM until Sunday PM. We got to WalMart about 8AM this morning to finish getting fixings for Christmas dinner. There just hasn’t been enough time to get everything done. Made reservations for our annual new year’s eve dinner at our favorite steakhouse. We eat about 5:30 and by 8 I’m turning in for the night. Such is the life of the old and worn out.

Meanwhile,let’s have a little fun. Grumpy cat Christmas card coming Monday. Be here.

A Christmas wish list from 1915



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Catholic Doctrine on Holy Scripture

Dear God

“The books of Scripture firmly, faithfully, and without error teach [the] truth. … Written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, they have God as their author” (Second Vatican Council, DV 11).

The Bible did not fall from heaven in its final form, nor did God dictate it to human scribes who copied it down mechanically. Rather “God chose certain men who … made full use of their own faculties and powers so that, though he acted in them and by them, it was as true authors that they consigned to writing whatever he wanted written, and no more” (Second Vatican Council, DV 11). One factor in recognizing particular texts as Sacred Scripture was their general acceptance in the Church. In the Christian communities there had to be a consensus: “Yes, through this text God himself speaks to us-this is inspired by the Holy Spirit!” Which of the many original Christian writings are really inspired by the Holy Spirit has been defined since the fourth century in the so-called canon of Sacred Scriptures.

How can Sacred Scripture be “truth” if not everything in it is right?

The Bible is not meant to convey precise historical information or scientific findings to us. Moreover, the authors were children of their time. They shared the cultural ideas of the world around them and often were also dominated by its errors. Nevertheless, everything that man must know about God and the way of his salvation is found with infallible certainty in Sacred Scripture. (Youth Catechism questions 14-15)

Dig Deeper: http://www.catholiccrossreference.com/catechism/#!/search/102-108

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