The folks at Organizing for Action (also known as @BarackObama) won’t rest until everyone spends this holiday season talking about health insurance. Then, when they eventually do rest, they’ll do it in plaid onesies, apparently.

PajamaBoy says talk about insurance

Tweeters celebrated #PajamaBoy with much well-deserved mockery.

  • Waxed and tweezed eyebrows in footie pajamas with hot chocolate. Gee what can I make fun of here?
  • People wouldn’t need to #GetTalking if the policy were good enough to sell itself. Just sayin’.
  • Only a man in a onesie would sit around drinking hot chocolate and talk about ObamaCare.
  • Obama appeals to the core “grown man in a onesie” demographic.
  • Desperation, thy name is obamacare!!
  • I can’t think of anything that I’d discuss with a grown man wearing a onesie.
  • It’s not the pajamas, it’s the arched eyebrows that scream “Thought Leader”
  • Words are simply inadequate to describe the spiral galaxy sized suck of that tweet. Yet I will persevere.
  • If I were sitting with #PajamaBoy, health insurance would be way down on the list of things we needed to talk about.
  • The odds of that douchebag being in my home are nil.
  • But Douche Baggery Is No Longer A Pre-Existing Condition That Insurers Can Use To Deny Coverage.
  • Is Testosterone therapy covered?
  • Will there be a pillow fight too?
  • Is this sissy ALL that OFA can come up with to persuade young people to buy into obamacare?!?
  • At boot camp, they make soldiers wear those glasses. They’re called BCGs. Birth Control Glasses.
  • So what you’re saying is … we’ve found Obamacare’s free contraceptives?
  • Look at how they portray the American male: a hot chocolate drinking doofus in a onesie. Disgraceful.
  • The person is androgynous, ethnically neutral, yet still manages to elicit feelings of great loathing and repugnance.
  • Keep in mind. #PajamaBoy has to be over 26. Otherwise he/she would be on parents’ insurance. Makes it even more sad.
  • Ew … now that really is depressing.

No, what’s really depressing is THIS:

Government propaganda 1943 - 2013

But former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh had a nifty reply:

2013_12 18 Joe Walsh reply to PajamaBoy

Photoshoppers got in on the action, natch. This is my fave … and not just cuz Angelaisms did it AND made Twitchy with it!

Angela's PajamaBoy



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13 responses to “#PajamaBoy

  1. Ting

    Thanks for all the grins in one place, Chrissy! This is one of the most ridiculous ads I have ever seen, and deserving of every single derisive tweet.


  2. Wait, Unicorn-Man was an Angelaisms creation??? That was the best one of all!! Although I enjoyed BigFurHat’s insertion of PajamaBoy into Revolutionary War art. That was pretty good.


  3. Violet

    Wow. Pajama boy irritates me. That’s probably a soy-carob coco he’s caressing there, too. I’m glad I’ll be spending Christmas morning with a bearded, coffee-drinking, REAL man, who has NEVER plucked his eyebrows, and wouldn’t be caught dead in a onesie.


  4. Pistol Pete

    I want to know who to sue for using the phrase:’pajama boy.’
    Theres been a dufus who carries papers where I do for the last two years who comes shuffling in in a raggedy,smelly t-shirt and,I swear,pajama bottoms.I rarely see him,because he’s never there much before 3AM,when I’m already gone.I just don’t understand that even though the only contact you have is the cashiers at the convenience stores you deliver papers to why people don’t even respect the job or the company they represent by putting on decent clothes.
    He also has a very shiny nose by sticking it in everyone’s business.He had the affrontery once to ask me a stupid question and I told him to come back and talk to me when he had some clothes on.I don’t suffer fools well.


  5. GP

    I think that conservatives could really capitalize on this pajama game.
    Imagine how many people would show up to a pajama party for conservative candidates.
    It sure beats those black tie events.


  6. Pistol Pete

    its been discovered that PJ boy is a real person.His name is Ethan and he works for…TADA! Obama F***king America (OFA for short).This is what happens when a bunch of lawyers and political science majors who’ve never held a real job in the private sector presume to know what Americans will respond to.