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Federal judge rules against HHS Mandate

2013_12 RCNY wins HHS fight in Brooklyn court



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The dirty secrets behind “safe, legal and rare”

LIME 5 was published in April 1996. I read it years ago and had thought it was out of print. I just stumbled on this at WND and wanted to let you know it is still available. It is based on original research done by Crutcher and his team that exposes the filthy secrets inside the politically-protected abortion industry.

Keep in mind that this was based on research done prior to 1996. If you’d read this, the only thing that would have surprised you about Dr. Gosnell’s horror show is that it finally got exposed and he actually got convicted and sent to prison.

2013_12 LIME 5 still available

If you don’t need your consciousness raised about this issue, you might want to give this book a pass. I had to skip some stuff, because it was so difficult. And I’ve never gotten some of the images out of my mind. E.g., one abortion survivor told Crutcher how the abortionist who sucked her tiny child out of her womb did so while eating a tuna fish sandwich.

However, if you’ve got someone in your life who thinks Gosnell was an aberration and Democrats are pro-woman, this might be just what you need to kill the kool-aid.

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