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Increasing minimum wage is a BAD idea

Check out the ABSURD tweet Barack sent out:

2013_12 04 BHO's absurd min wage tweet

I can only conclude the man has been sniffing unicorn farts (or dipping into blow again), because there is no sense whatsoever in his assumption that an increase in minimum wage will lead to increases in the Gross Domestic Product or jobs.

Common sense tells us the exact opposite.

Let’s say that my business can currently afford 10 workers at $7 per hour. If the minimum wage is increased to $10 per hour, I can now only afford 7 workers.

RESULT: Increasing minimum wage > Loss of jobs

My now-seven workers can’t produce as much, so I have to raise my prices just to stay in business. These price increases happen everywhere, because the minimum wage increase happens everywhere.

RESULT: Increasing minimum wage > Inflation

Higher prices everywhere mean the new minimum wage loses its buying power.

RESULT: Those who got higher wages lose the benefit of them.

Historical evidence proves that increasing minimum wage damages the jobs market.

I compared the seven most recent increases in minimum wage with percent employed. In NO case did it BOOST jobs as Obama claims in his absurd tweet.

Where the economy was slow, the minimum wage increase was followed by job losses.

1990_04 Mini wage up, jobs down

1991_04 Mini wage up, jobs down

2007_07 Mini wage up, jobs down

2008_07 Mini wage up, jobs down

2009_07 Mini wage up, jobs down

Where the economy was growing, the minimum wage increase was followed by slowing or stalling of growth.

1996_10 Mini Wage up, jobs stalled

1997_09 Mini wage up, jobs stalled

Not only is raising minimum wage bad for the economy, but it’s also bad for the people that Democrats claim it will help. Unfortunately, good intentions do not economic realities make.

Multiple studies prove that increasing minimum wage tends to eliminate jobs for the youngest and least skilled workers. Studies also find that higher minimum wages have no impact on poverty rates.

There’s one other reason I can think of to NOT raise the minimum wage now.

At $7.25, it is higher than the historical average of $6.60 (in inflation-adjusted 2013 dollars).

2013_06 Minimum wage 1947 to Present in 2013 dollars

In the graph above, the peaks are where the feds increased minimum wage. Note that each peak is followed by a sharp downward slope. This represents the rapid loss of buying power the dollars have because of the inflation that an increase in minimum wage always causes.


H/t: itooktheredpill


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Do we have a Constitutional crisis?

This video is important.

If the president can ignore provisions of immigration law, marijuana law, mandatory minimum sentencing law, and the “Affordable Care Act,” then what prevents the president from ignoring election laws?

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Posted by Pistol Pete

I had no intention of posting anything today until I realized what day it was. Considering the price those men paid I felt it my duty and my honor to voice my appreciation in whatever way I could. Fortunately I was educated in a time when schools actually taught about our history without the political biases. It seemed to me unthinkable that as Japan was overrunning the Far East and committing genocide of the Chinese we did nothing. I understand there were a lot of people who had no taste for another World War. We helped the Allies in Europe through Lend Lease,but did not involve our own war machine until the Empire of Japan wakened the sleeping tiger.

A precious few,some estimate about 70,that survived that day are still with us. You wonder what their opinion of the current administration is.



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People need JOBS – CORRECTED

Obama Dems put 12 MILLION people out of work

Democrats bleat about how they care about PEOPLE and blah blah blah, not like those EEEVIL, hard-hearted, GREEDY Republicans. Let’s just do a REALITY CHECK on that particular claim, shall we?

Republican Majority Control* (Jan 1995 through Dec 2006)

Average percent of population** EMPLOYED = 63.3%

Democrat Majority Control* (Jan 2009 through Present)

Average percent of population EMPLOYED*** = 58.7%

Employment gap between Republican and Democrat economies: 63.3 – 58.7 = 4.6%

November 2013: Civilian noninstitutional population age 16+ years = 246,567,000

4.6% x 246,567,000 = 11.3 million MORE people are jobless because of Obama Democrats

*Majority political control = The political party that has majority control of two or three of the three legislative arms of the federal government (House, Senate, President).

**The population used for this statistic is noninstitutionalized civilians 16 and older.

***It is important to understand that, in the last 4 years, as unemployment dropped from 10% to 7%, people haven’t gone from unemployed to employed, they have left the work force. The “Unemployment Rate” excludes DISCOURAGED WORKERS (those who have stopped looking, because they have lost hope of finding a job). This is a faked up statistic the Clintons engineered to make their labor numbers look better in headlines. It leads to the cocked up fact that a failing economy, like ours, can see the “Unemployment Rate” go down because unemployed workers become too discouraged to keep looking for jobs that don’t exist, while a recovering economy can see this rate go UP, as discouraged workers begin to feel hopeful and get back to looking for work again.


Bureau of Labor Statistics: Civilian noninstitutional population 16+ yo


Bureau of Labor Statistics: Employment/Population ratio


Average employment rates by majority political control


MEGA hat tip with a shuffle-ball-change to itookotheredpill for teaching me this stuff and correcting my goof ups!


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Media FAIL

Twitchy highlighted THREE t.v. stations that managed to post chyron failures about Nelson Mandela. But really, we should totes believe everything they tell us about President Boyfriend and Trayvon Martin and Ted Cruz and …….. NOT.

2013_12 05 CNN - Mandela chyron fail

2013_12 05 NBC Detroit 4 - Mandela chyron fail

2013_12 06 MSNBC - Mandela chyron its all about BHO

*chy·ron (KI rahn) Trademark name for an electronically generated caption superimposed on a television or movie screen.


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