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Geez,miss one day and suddenly my bookmark list overfloweth with all manner of subjects. A lot of stuff to sort through,but I’ll get it done. I always do. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post–lots of good stuff.

Barry is skipping town for the white,sandy beaches of Hawaii for the 6th time. Taking his peeps and his string of media whores with him. And guess what? YOU’RE PAYING FOR IT!


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These kids will make you GRIN!!


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Keep it or kill it? What about adoption?!

I do NOT understand a woman who is hugely and obviously pregnant deciding to have her fully-formed, healthy, unborn baby murdered. I really don’t. Please watch this to the end. It’s only 3 minutes.

See The Beauty – Melissa Ohden – Abortion Survivor

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Media Bytes

News org ties to WH

2013_12 05 BHO press conference by Terrell

2013_12 04 Megyn wipes competition

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Youth souring on Obama

2013_12 Harvard poll of millenials

I think there is a “hanging on to the dream” thing going on here that would’ve been easier to see if they had split the results by voting ages in 2008 and 2012. Nobody likes to admit they were wrong, especially when they’ve invested themselves in it. I volunteered for Carter’s campaign, but not a whole lot, cuz I was busy with school and a job. Still, it took me years to admit he had been a crappy president.


About the Harvard poll: Conceived by two Harvard undergraduate students during the winter of 1999, Harvard University’s Institute of Politics Survey of Young Americans’ Attitudes toward Politics and Public Service began in 2000 as a national survey of 18- to 24-year old college undergraduates. Over the last 13 years, this research project has grown in scope and mission, as we now analyze 18- to 29-year olds on a broad set of longitudinal and current events issues.

About the Youth Vote:

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Obama’s Vehicle

Got these in my email … Fox News Roundup and the incomparable Terrell.

Obama has pursued his policy aims with dogged persistency since taking office and has made no secret of his central aim of shifting wealth. The surprise from many reporters at seeing millions of health insurance policies vaporized and in seeing premiums for those already covered leap astronomically indicates either massive inattention or a facile response to a story they can no longer ignore.

Obama’s law turns insurance companies into vehicles for redistribution: heavily regulated, highly protected public utilities with a social-engineering mission. The fact that Obama is emphasizing this point now suggests he knows just how bad the days ahead will be for his law and his party. By hardening the resolve of the third of Americans standing with him on ObamaCare, Obama hopes to make good on his promise to have the law go into effect despite massive opposition and survive at least until the end of his term.

2013_12 05 Ocare website by Terrell


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