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Heads up, Veterans!

Obama is again pushing gun control. The Obama administration has managed to deny gun ownership to nearly 100,000 veterans. In the 3:21 video at the URL below, Dom Raso highlights a bureaucratic flaw that’s unfairly stripping veterans of their Second Amendment rights — and tells you how to help get it fixed. It’s worth listening to, especially if you’re a voter or a vet.

Report: Obama Administration Has Denied Gun Rights to Over 100,000 Veterans (Video)


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RCØTUS + Shrillary polls in toilet

To find SlowJoe, call RotoRooter.

2013_12 04 RCP BHO job approval avg

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2013_12 HRC favorability poll

HRC may be suffering from Benghazi, but she’s still FAR more popular than any potential competition for the Democratic presidential nomination on the scene at this time. Her NEAREST competitor is Vice President Biden who is the pick of just 9 percent of Democrats!



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The Narcissist-in-Chief

Narcissist in Chief - It's all about him

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Sam Vaknin is a specialist in malignant narcissism who has concluded that Barack Obama is an “extreme pathological malignant narcissist.” The two YouTube interviews below are voice only. They’re easy to listen to while you do other stuff. I’m listening to the 2010 one as I do this and it’s fascinating. I highly recommend you delve into this topic, because it’s likely that the Obamacare-induced plunge of Obama’s approval ratings is very likely to set off some dangerous behaviors.

2008: Vankin’s first article suggesting Obama was dangerously narcissistic appeared in 2008.


2010: Obama Clinical Narcissist Interview Sam Vaknin Nov2010

2011: Obama Clinical Narcissist Interview II Sam Vaknin Sep2011

2013: TRANSCRIPT Sam Vaknin Profiles President Obama in the Wake of Recent Revelations by Carl-John X Veraja – June 13, 2013

Interviewed by http://carljohnveraja.wordpress.com/2013/06/13/sam-vaknin-profiles-president-obama-in-the-wake-of-recent-revelations/



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