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Glad to see Chrissy’s long nightmare is over.

Between Friday and today I did the bulk of my holiday gift shopping without leaving the comfort of my broken down,padding worn-through computer chair which I have been hinting to DW and two of my daughters to replace for a nice leather high-back number with arm rests. We’ll see if it works. I’m not really counting on it.

Do not attempt to assign any rhyme or reason to the links today. I’ve bookmarked so much it’s all over the place. I’ll just holler ‘Geronimo’ and take a leap of faith.

On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks refused to obey bus driver James F. Blake’s order that she give up her seat in the colored section to a white passenger. Today in remembrance of that event Barack Obama tweeted out… a picture of himself.

No matter what,when or where,




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Plop Plop Fizz Fizz

Once upon a time, your wise old Grammy taught you to avoid discussing controversial topics at holiday time, because family gatherings were supposed to be about renewing, not shredding, the ties that bind.

Nowadays, we have the Preacher-in-Chief nagging us to bring up Obamacare at holidays, because … umm … why is that exactly?

2013_11 20 Obama says Have the Talk

Have the Talk – A real Organizing for Action ad [1:51]

Tweeters had fun adding to the Talking Points:

  • Make sure your family knows the turkey was killed for not having health insurance, and they could be next.
  • Repeatedly insist that your family let you be clear.
  • If your family persists in their irrational hatred of ObamaCare and the President accuse them of racism.
  • Insist that all mentions of “God” in the pre-meal prayer be replaced with “Barack”.
  • Filibuster the pre-meal prayer with ObamaCare Talking Points until the food gets cold.

Tweeters suggested a few (mostly scatalogical) ways to respond to obnoxious talking-point spewers. My personal favorite was:

  • Did you hear Obama’s job approval rating is down to 34%?

2013_11 25 Iowahawk on Ocare for Tgiving

November 25: MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes announced to breathless libtards that the Cable News Arm of Obama for America would be devoting an entire hour to fun ways to browbeat your conservative family members.

2013_11 25 Jim Geraghty tweet

Ace of Spades said the left churns out these “How to Talk to Your Family About Politics” guides every single year, something we just don’t see on the Right. Suggested reasons:

  • Progressives are so neurotic, they need “Why I Am Superior” pep talks before every holiday gathering.
  • Dunno about you, but my O’care Talking Points fit on my palm. “You were wrong. Period.”

After Turkey Day, Twitchy aggregated the best of “How did The Talk Go At Your House?” tweets.  Lots of folks mentioned arguing, arguments, yelling, more yelling, indigestion, a burning desire to leave early, go to sleep, get drunk. Others had better experiences:

  • We held a family vote on Obama Care and we were unanimous in being “agin” it. First time we’ve all agreed on anything.
  • Even w/ 10 people giving input, we couldn’t find anything positive to say. Don’t think “O” would be happy 🙂
  • Followed obama’s advice to discuss #obamacare during turkey dinner. Family consensus was obama is worst Pres in US history.
  • Well we sat down as a family and all talked about the failure of #obamacare today at dinner. Thats what we were supposed to do, right?
  • We discussed #Obamacare at Thanksgiving dinner. We all still agree that it sucks.
  • Yeah, #Obamacare was discussed for like 2 seconds. 100% of family members hate it. Period.
  • Everyone’s premium is up 13-18% with higher deductibles. No one likes it. #fullrepeal
  • Liberal family member didn’t say a word in defense of Obamacare.
  • Great dinner and great discussion about the fiasco Obamacare is.
  • Our conversation about O’care at dinner: “It sucks, now please pass the mashed potatoes.”
  • We had an intense discussion about ObamaCare. We all concluded Obama really does not care.
  • For once there were no political arguments at the dinner table this holiday. We all agreed Obamacare stinks.
  • 100% unanimous … #ACA should be repealed.

None of that seems quite what the Turkey-in-Chief had in mind. ::snort:: (Hand him an Alka Seltzer.) Still, his minions kept plugging away. 

2013_11 30 CA Dem lies

  • Great news everyone! Thanks to @RepSwalwell’s cousinunclesistermotherbrother http://healthcare.gov is fixed!
  • “Don’t tell anyone I said that.” Which is why he goes on Twitter to tell everyone?
  • NOBODY calls Obamacare “ACA”, especially not “VERY conservative” people.
  • Snickering madly. The “sigh” was a nice touch, buddy.
  • Did @OFA provide you with that phony story?
  • My 5,000,000 fellow Americans who lost coverage, and millions paying more for less, are more real.
  • If this were an actual story, it would be front-page/leading news story on every liberal media outlet.
  • As it would happen, Obama told me over TG dinner (he stops by every year) that he knows Obamacare is a disaster.
  • A VERY liberal family member said over Thanksgiving dinner that she was selling her unicorn. But don’t tell anyone! Sigh
  • A VERY liberal Senate majority leader has it on good authority that Mitt Romney is a tax cheat, felon, and murderer. Shhh. http://twitchy.com/2012/07/31/harryreidfacts-some-guy-totally-told-truther-harry-reid-a-thing-about-romneys-taxes-media-blindly-repeats/

December 1, the nagging continued with Barack Obama tweeting:

This holiday weekend is a great time for a conversation over leftovers: http://OFA.BO/1Koyy1

Next OFA will tell us how to ruin Christmas. FORWARD!

2013_11 25 Iowahawk on Scientology


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CØN-sequences Writ Large

Finally some clarity on BHOcare

The centralizing of power into the hands of a few has two consequences we are seeing writ large with Obamacare.

  1. It greatly magnifies the harmful effects of dumb decisions made by incompetent people in high places.
  2. It makes graft and corruption cheaper and easier for those with the will to abuse the system for personal gain.


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I don’t know what you’re talking about

DOG What garbage can


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President Petty-Pants Strikes Again

  • Bill Elliott complained on FOX News about losing his health insurance thanks to Obamacare.
  • A health insurance broker named C. Steven Tucker helped Elliot figure out how to keep his insurance.
  • Elliot and Tucker are now BOTH facing IRS audits.
  1. The IRS is a part of the United State Department of the Treasury.
  2. Treasury is part of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.
  3. The IRS is run by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue who reports to the Secretary of the Treasury.
  4. The Secretary of the Treasury reports to the President of the United States.

Would the IRS actually go after people just for criticizing Obama?

You betcha!




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