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Choctaw code talkers turned the tide of WWI

Texas Choctaw Code Talkers

During World War I, the German Army was often successful in tapping the American Army’s phone lines and learning the locations of our troops and supplies. The Germans lost that advantage when the 36th Infantry Division introduced their Choctaw code talkers.

Ms. Mozelle Dawson, daughter of Albert Billy, a Choctaw warrior, and Soldier of the Texas Army National Guard, wrote in her memoirs that it was her father’s idea to use Choctaw Soldiers on the phone lines, speaking in their native dialect, to confuse the Germans.

Soon after the Choctaw Code Talkers were put on the phones, the Germans began losing. At one point, a captured German General asked, “What nationality was on the phones?”

He was told it was “only Americans” that had been on the phones.

For more information on the Choctaw code talkers, visit the TXMF Museum website @ http://www.texasmilitaryforcesmuseum.org/choctaw/codetalkers.htm



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