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In accordance with edict#754 by emperor Barack Hussein Obama I (all praise his name) the term “black” is hereby banished from the realm.


Afro-American-eyed peas

Afro-American widow spiders

Afro-American berry pie

Afro-American & Decker power tools

Bad Day at Afro-American Rock

Famous horse: Afro-American Beauty

As always,this edict is subject to change according to Emperor Obama’s whims.

So let it be written,so let it be done.

Hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. We went to DD’s and enjoyed visiting with family. Unfortunately,DD did NOT inherit her great-grandma’s cooking skills. The turkey dried out and was tough to chew and most everything was cold while we waited for stragglers. I didn’t say anything,obviously,but there are things she’ll learn in time. Granny told everybody when dinner would be ready. If you were there,you ate. If not,as they say in Siberia,tuffshitzski. She lives in a small town about 15 miles west of here and there are two WalMarts along the way. We came home around six and I could not imagine the crowds turning into mobs to buy some cheap Chinese crap. May I never get to a state where I would have to endure such madness for an electronic appliance that will be obsolete in 6 months.

ADDED BY CTH (who is actually still having trouble posting … it comes and goes):

I googled “afro wig” thinking I’d do a little funny to add to Pete’s big funny list above. Odd thing … nearly ALL of the models are white! So I was thinking maybe I’d snag an afro graphic and stick it on a spider, but then I remembered, we had that image already back when FLATUS was getting nominated for … well, you know. Anyway, then I stumbled on these Oprah images, which sorry, you’ll need brain bleach after this one, but if you don’t see them first, you won’t get the MAD Magazine version which is the best funny I’ve come up with to add to Pete’s list.

Oprah HAIR

Oprah NAIR


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The Joy of the Gospel

Evangelii Gaudium



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72% fewer abortion clinics show 22 years of Pro-Life progress!

Forty-seven of these clinics closed PERMANENTLY between January and November 2013.

72% fewer clinics!


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